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Critical Essays on Eckankar

Scattered and Varying ECK debates

ECK SPORT: the Darwin/Harold Clash and more

Darwin Gross Rips Into Harold Klemp

Classic Cokes, Kirpal Singh, and Faked Documents

The History Behind the making of THE MAKING OF A SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT

The Great Ethics Debate in ECK

Spamming, Name-Calling, and The Rehashed Eck debates

The Strange Editing of LETTERS TO GAIL and more interaction with Steve R. and crew

Harold Klemp Writes About Kirpal Singh

Twitchell's Duplicity, Steve R, Forgery, and Yet More on 1922

The Kirpal Singh Forgery Issue and the Continuing Eckankar Debates

Nathan's Misreading of Eckankar Research

The Steve R. and Lane debates, part five

Paul Iverlet's letter calling Twitchell an "atrocious liar"

Forgery and Kirpal Singh: a rip of Twitchell's cover-up and lies

Mark Alexander's Love Connection: more debates on ECK

Eckankar's Legal Threat Against Plagiarizing Their Material: written during Twitchell's lifetime

The FLUTE of GOD also contains plagiarized material: new study

Why Twitchell lying about his age is significant

The December 96 Eckankar Debates, part five

Darwin Gross vs. Harold Klemp: round one

Beyond Reproach? Distinguishing Between a Writer and a Guru--a reply to Bruce

Paul Twitchell's Plagiarism of Theosophy: HERBS?

A Record of Paul Twitchell's Initiation under Kirpal Singh as mentioned in Sat Sandesh, 1955

The December 1996 Eckankar Debates, part three

More of Tipton on Paul Twitchell's Early Life

Steve's Typo Hypothesis Revisited: More on How Twitchell lied about his age

The Racist Writings of Paul Twitchell?

The Bell Curve vs. the Racial Writings of Paul Twitchell

The Problem with Steiger's Time-line of Paul Twitchell's life

Why Lane Persists in Researching Eckankar

Twitchell's Views on J.R.'s Plagiarism of him: important glimpse of how Twitchell didn't like plagiarism

Tipton's Views on Paul Twitchell's Early Life: an excerpt

Paul Twitchell on "complaints"--a parody

Lane's Motives for writing on Eckankar?

The Steve and Lane Debate: November 96

The December 96 Eckankar debates, part two

The December 96 Eckankar debates

The Eckankar Debates: a long series of exchanges over Twitchell, Lane's biases, and the 1922 birthdate

The Eck Exchange: More Heated Debates from A.R.E.

How Twitchell Lied About His Age: a point by point rebuttal to Steve's Typo defense

Professor Lane? Steve Asks Questions About Lane's Credentials

Scientology, Kirpal Singh, and More

Paul's first date with Gail: a parody

Sudarshan equals Sudar Singh?

The No-Jokes of Eck Litigation

Academic Credentials, 1922 Birthdate, Biases: another episode in the Steve/Lane chronicles

The 1922 Birthdate of Paul Twitchell: a reply to Mr. Wong

More on Typos and the 1922 Birthdate

1922 and More Inspiration from Steve

Why Did Gail Say Paul Died at 48: a reply to Steve's Typo Hypothesis

Doubts About Eckankar by an Ex-Eckist

Steve and the Art of B.S.--more on the Eckankar debates

Eckankar and Racism

Twitchell on Martians, UFOS, and the ARYAN race

Paul Twitchell on the Aryan Race and the BELL Curve

Twitchell's Prophecy Concerning the Aryan Race and the Ulemians from Jupiter

Where Did Twitchell Get the Concept of "Vairagi Masters"?

Does Eckankar Literature Contain Racist Passages?

New Plagiarism Discoveries: Stranger by the River and Eck Vidya

Twitchell and the Claim of One Percent Plagiarism

Lane Replies to Steve about his career

Sudar Singh, Ashrams, Lane's Slants, and More: series of responses from A.R.E. in mid-July

The Story of Camille Ballowe Taylor

Permission was never given to Twitchell to Plagiarize

What Twitchell thinks of J.R.'s plagiarism

The "Career" of an Eck Researcher

Psychic Powers in Teaching?

The Eckankar Research Kit

Lane's Biases 101 (more eck talk, part one)

Lane's Biases 102 (more eck talk, part two)

Lane's Biases 103 (more eck talk, part three)

SUDAR SINGH = ? (volume one)

SUDAR SINGH = ? (volume two)

SUDAR SINGH = ? (volume three)

SUDAR SINGH = ? (volume four)

Why All This Research On Eck?)


ECK RESIGNATION: letter by two Eckists, dated May 1, 1996, resigning from Eckankar

HAROLD KLEMP UNDER ANALYSIS: critical commentaries on the writings of the present leader of Eckankar (by a current member of the group)

  • Preface to KLEMP CRITIQUE
  • Part One to KLEMP CRITIQUE
  • Part Two to KLEMP CRITIQUE
  • Part Three to KLEMP CRITIQUE
  • Postscript to KLEMP CRITIQUE
  • A Subtle Cult: Selected Quotes from Sri Harold Klemp
  • More Commentary on Sri Harold Klemp
  • Klemp on Kirpal Singh/L. Ron Hubbard: more commentary on Sri Harold Klemp

    GAKKO CAME FROM VENUS: Exploring The Lost World of Paul Twitchell and Eckankar. Forthcoming book. Excerpt 1 from The Galaxy of Eck Masters: A Skeptical Look at the Vairagi Lineage"

    Rebazar Tarzs: Further research casts doubts on his existence

    Lai Tsi, Eck Master: Comparison Studies in Plagiarism

    Tomo Geshig, Eck Master: Comparison Studies in Plagiarism

    THE MAKING OF A SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT: THE UNTOLD STORY OF PAUL TWITCHELL AND ECKANKAR (This book, first circulated in 1978, caused a world-wide controversy in Eckankar over the claims of its founder, the late Paul Twitchell. Now online in its latest edition via dave rife.)


    ECKANKAR DOCUMENTS (relating to the hidden history of Paul Twitchell, Darwin Gross, and Harold Klemp)

    Lane's Response to Bruce's critique of The Making of a Spiritual Movement: ten parts

    Kung Fu Fighting and Eckankar's Moral Rights

    The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and The Question of Visions

    The Making Sucks, Lane's Biased, and Where's Jagat Ho?

    Eck & Trademarks by Professor Mike Mueckler

    Book Covers and Table of Contents: Chant Hu, Don't Sue

    The Infamous "No-Ek" Symbol: A History of How It Originated

    Johnson 101: a list of Julian Johnson's publications

    Copyrights, Julian Johnson, and the Shariyat-ki-Sugmad

    Twitchell's lies about his age

    The FATE Magazine Debate On Eckankar (1982-1986)

    Scientology and Eckankar: A Personal Letter on the Documented Connection

    Spiritual Schizophrenia: The Pre/Trans Fallacy in Eck Visions

    Why Lane Made Fun of Eck Names

    Mysti, Shabd Yoga, and Eck History

    A Clarion Call for Spiritual Discrimination: Ken Wilber's Ideas and Eckankar

    The SCP Journal on Eckankar: A Little Background

    Visions of Eck Masters: A Skeptical Look

    How I Met Rebazar Tarzs On A Surf Trip In Baja

    A Brief History of Eckankar's Legal Threats

    Dr. Bluth, former President of Eckankar, reveals his feelings on Darwin, Twitchell, and Plagiarism

    Charly Wallace Has Lunch with Gail (Twitchell/Gross) Atkinson: An Update

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