Letters To Harold

By Raphael


Critique of The ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series, Harold Klemp.

Discourse # 2 entitled: Obstacles to the Mahanta's Mission


The title of this discourse refers to Obstacles to the Mahanta's Mission. Within this discourse there are multiple references to what Klemp perceives to be obstacles to the Mahanta's Mission but not a single definition of what the Mahanta's Mission is. In absence of a description by Klemp of the Mahanta's mission here is a quote from the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, the Bible of Eckankar (emphasis added):

Perhaps Klemp too has been injured by his association with Eckankar. How can Harold act like a true Master when he is tied by his Holy Book to be the 'militaristic' leader of the spiritual revolt of the planet? I say militaristic because of the use within this quote of the words OPPOSE, FOOLISH, RETRIBUTION, and POWER. This statement of retribution is not of a loving God. It's more like a warning or a threat. But for lack of a simple definition of the Mahanta's mission from Klemp's discourse this is all we have to go by. Unless there is a hidden mission. Perhaps we can uncover the mission that Klemp is talking about by reviewing his own writing. We may then discover the true purpose of this discourse: Obstacles to the Mahanta's Mission.

As you read the critique refer back to this quote by Harold's Master Paul Twitchell, the modern-day founder of Eckankar. The following quote is from the discourse series, The Precepts Of Eckankar, discourse # 3, The Thirty-Two Marks of the Master, 1967, page 8, by Paul Twitchell.

Before Eckists complain of using Mr. Twitchell as source material since his 'consciousness' was from the 60's, please note that Mr. Klemp pulls in Paul's name several times in this discourse to use as supporting material for his points. Notice in this quote the use of the word 'victim' by Paul. When I read such statements as Paul warns of in Klemp's writings, even though I may not be the target of these statements by Harold, I feel like a victim too! What kind of person wants to pull another person to look at negative things? An angry one? How can I blame Harold for disobeying Paul when I too am pointing out negative things in Harold's writings. For one thing, unlike Harold, I don't claim to be a master. Oh Well. (Yes questioning chelas, the Shariyat Book II does say that the Chela must listen to and obey the command of the Mahanta, The Living Eck Master, Page 134).

I will repeat my feelings from critique # 1. If Eckankar is to be a viable path in the Aquarian age it needs to rid itself of all plagiarized documents, all threats written and implied, coercion, claims of God, apologize for the same. Abolish the initiations above the second because the initiations create a separateness between the chelas, foster vanity in the spiritual students, and are used as a control tool by Klemp. Allow other views and faiths to be represented at the Eck temple and centers, and in services. An honest open inquisitive Eckankar. The Sound of God is not the voice of the Old Testament God Of Retribution that Klemp is the trumpeter of.

Recall the old adage: "By his actions, ye shall know him."

Boast Corner

One of Klemp's favorite KAList techniques is to flatter and degrade his followers at the same time. The following quotes from the discourse are displayed here to demonstrate the adjectives, adverbs, and superlatives that Klemp uses to describe himself, Paul Twitchell, the Eck Masters, and Eckankar. Such statements give the Eckist 'ego strokes', as well as calm his doubts and engender a greater sense of importance within the Eck teachings. Shouldn't the experiences, concepts, and words stand on their own? The bolded-italicized words are my emphasis to show the elitism of Klemp.

You put up with taxes, you put up with mosquitos in Minnesota's summer, and you put up with your spouses snoring, but not the 'efforts' made for the unfoldment of your students. That is a Master's greatest love and his life's work and pleasure. You put up with something you do not really want to do, something you resent but feel you can't change. Klemp's martyr complex continues (from discourse #1 ) with his emphasis on his hardships. Don't you all have hardships in your life? It seems that the Godman of Eckankar would have you believe that his problems are far greater than yours.

How does this statement make Eckists feel? If I allow myself to slip into the Eckankar viewpoint, the feelings I have are a strong empathy and desire to assist Harold with his hardships. In other words to ease his load. I feel sorry that he is suffering. I want to be a good chela, and not cause him any more problems and hardships than he already has. This is a convenient place for Harold to have his chelas, for it is from there that he can further influence their actions towards his own ends (i.e. The Mahanta's Mission) and the chelas can perpetuate the illusion of their own Christ complex.

Aside from the play on Eckists' emotions for his own benefit, the Eckists should ask Klemp why they should be wonder-struck about the complaints from the initiates? Harold has taught and continues to teach us all about complaints. Do you see how Harold accuses his own chelas of complaining about service to ECK, when he himself writes in the very first paragraph of his discourse that he puts up with such great hardships as the Living ECK Master.

Complaint: 1: expression of grief, pain, or resentment.

(From Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary)

The first sentence of this discourse is a complaint from the Godman of Eckankar about his role, a role he simply puts up with (resents?), for your benefit.

Life is the teacher, not Klemp. Each of us is a free soul and has an awareness of spirit as to our desire, interest, and effort. Don't let anyone take away your self-responsiblilty, especially a hypocritical complainer like Klemp.

What's the greatest obstacle to the Mahanta's Mission? Perhaps himself. But then again what is the secret agenda of this Mahanta's Mission?

This absolutist and self-elevating statement documents Klemp's attempts to take credit (through his leadership of the Eck Masters) for other people's choices when it is in his benefit,( i.e. one leaving a conventional religion) and yet he clearly takes no responsibility whatsoever for people's alleged propensity to complain, nor of the causes behind their pain.

Do you notice who is in the dirt here? Why is such imagery needed from a Master (sat guru)? This seems to be a place a master salesman would envy to have a potential buyer in. Desperate, tired, and in need of help.

Harold, why not write something like this: "The grace of God assists all who wish to know truth, all who are struggling to open their hearts, and understand the riddle of life."

The use of the word 'common' here means ' inferior to Eckankar'. Air is pretty common, so is water, and food. Should we stop eating, drinking, and breathing because they are so common? The Eck Master's (i.e. Klemp's) continual self-elevating statements infest the Eckist's subconscious. Their ego, already smashed by life, or going through withdrawals from their addictive need for approval from the Eck, is injected with so much flattery from these discourses that they probably tear the discourse from the envelop to devour it as soon as it arrives. I know I did!

Its very interesting how Klemp tells stories upon stories which illustrate the help of the 'great' ECK Masters in the lives of the Eckists and non-initiates. But somehow he claims here that he and his efforts alone, are responsible for his enlightenments? What about the rest of us Non-Mahantas? Isn't it possible Harold, that everyone earns what they receive? And they neither owe anything to, nor need the pompous help of the masters of Eckankar. I'm getting tired of your holier than thou writings.

This is a One-Two punch. One, authority and power over the chelas - the Mahanta's way to let (i.e. allow). Two, flattery and vanity - the superior awareness of ECK. Klemp K.O.'s chelas!

Attack Alley

Another one of Klemp's favorite KAList techniques is to attack other spiritual paths and wield his illusion of control over the initiates. The following quotes from the discourse are displayed here to demonstrate how the 'compassionate' Mahanta attacks all who oppose him, don't even know of him, those who want to follow him, and the Eckists as a whole. Such statements give the Eckist the emotionally charged message to NOT be one of the group of people, or type of person that Klemp attacks lest you lose favor with the Godman. The bolded-italicized words are my emphasis to show where the attacks of Klemp come out.

This statement, from the self-proclaimed SUGMAD(God) on earth, equates serving in the 'spiritual hierarchy' to higher states of consciousness. Spiritual Hierarchy here is a synonym for 'spreading the Message of Eck'. If only the master Harold would follow Eckankar's teaching and recall that everything is in it's proper place within all the worlds of God instead of trying to influence Eckists to serve, serve, serve. The Eckists become so consumed with serving that they mistake service for spiritual growth, and vanity for Self and God-awareness.

Out Damn Spot! Purge time. Are all you chelas ready? Whom of you will be on the right hand of the Mahanta? This divisive statement is an attack upon Klemp's own students. This statement appears to be an expression of Harold's grief, pain, or resentment. In other words, another complaint from the Godman himself. Are you wonder-struck yet? (Refer to quote from Precepts of Eckankar)

Harold, why do you love to attack other religions? What are you afraid of? This is the first ever discourse that I recall Klemp mentioning the Sant Mat groups, which are the Light and Sound teachings from which Paul Twitchell plagiarized most of the Eckankar works. Harold attacks them also. He forgets (in his blind belief that he is the fountainhead of the Light and Sound) that each soul can in and of itself contact the essence of God from which it came. Harold, you have claimed that Eckankar is making bridges to other faiths to make it easier for others to understand Eckankar, but instead of simply grooming a path to Eckankar's door, you also fire your ballistic missiles of hate directly into the camp of those religions so that the souls there are forced into fleeing from their spiritual path. On second thought, new people don't receive this discourse series. Perhaps Klemp is actually tearing down all other paths so the long-time Eckists reading his words will be influenced to stay in Eckankar, since all of the other paths are trashed by the self-proclaimed SUGMAD(God) on earth (discourse # 3), Harold Klemp.

This reminds me of a quote from the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book I, by Paul Twitchell, page 181, paragraph 4 excerpt:

How does Klemp know that priests have no knowledge or experience in the Audible Life Stream? How do Eckists know this? How does this statement make one feel? This is how this statement makes me feel as an Eckist; "I am so holy, I have the Eck, ALL those 'religious' people, all those others know NOTHING of it. I am so special, so loved, so fortunate, I am on the True Path of God". Attack all you want Harold, but don't complain when you receive the same.

Oops, how did this quote get here! I must have mixed up my source material on complainers, you know Harold, Hitler, both begin with H's. Actually, now that I look at this quote it seems that Harold Klemp is not the only powerful leader who complains about complainers. Interesting support and interpretation of the 'Law of Silence' by Hitler. I wonder if Harold Klemp believes that the Eck chelas who are complaining should also shut up and keep their opinions and sufferings to themselves? Who would have thought? I do not support Hitler, or Nazism in any way. I only use it here to point out the possible subconscious control techniques used by powerful leaders of people.

And I suppose you are the life of the party Harold; the perfect being on earth; Adolph's dream man. "The vanguard of the human race" (your words from discourse # 3). Harold do you recall this from the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book II, page 64, by your Master, Paul Twitchell:

How can one learn to be a master from a master who hasn't mastered himself? (Refer to quote from Precepts of Eckankar)

What about 'masters' who pay lip service to their Holy Book? Harold do you recall this from the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book II, page 64, by your Master, Paul Twitchell:

Harold, how can one learn to be a master from a master who hasn't mastered himself, or who has forgotten how to live his own life in tune with the spiritual ideals of his own path? (Refer to quote from the Precepts of Eckankar) And tell us Harold, since you seem content to degrade your chelas by accusing them of being failures who do not want to take responsibility for what they do, do you take the responsibility for the failures and complaints of your students, i.e.; the failure of your path, Eckankar, to produce God-Realized beings and instead produce all of the chelas whom you are complaining about? No, I didn't think so. In Eckankar the buck stops far below the SUGMAD on earth..., umm I mean the Mahanta..., no wait I should say the Living Eck Master..., No, how about Godman..., the Prophet of Eckankar?..., Ah-ha, the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar..., Oh OK! I mean the guide, someone's who's been to God and back. (Sorry newcomers didn't mean to confuse you about Harold Klemp's official Internet web-stated position.)

This brings up an interesting point. That of greed, and deceit. Hardly the mark of an honest master. Therefore I wonder why the official net page on the Living Eck Master describes Klemp as a mere guide, and the brochure for the Contemplation Trails of The Temple of ECK describe Harold only as the 'Prophet of Eckankar, not to be worshiped'. Is Eckankar trying to trick the newcomers? Is it misrepresenting itself to the public? It appears that they are hiding what Klemp writes about himself! Klemp writes that he is literally GOD on earth and has all the power to carry out the will of the Supreme One (his own words from discourse # 3, care to retract that claim Harold?)

Does Harold's and Eckankar's honesty begin after the new-comers are entrenched in Eckankar?


The following quotes strung through the discourse comprise Klemp's main message to the long time Eckists. I have bolded and italicized words that I consider keywords in the quotes.

What is Klemp saying here ? What is the main message of this discourse, Obstacles to the Mahanta's mission ?

Analysis: This quote is in itself a complaint. By pointing out the problem Harold points out his own pain, which is one of the definitions of a complaint. The word 'complaint' has seemed to have gotten a dirty name. Words are used to communicate. The word 'complaint' is difficult to process because if complaints are truly viewed we must deal with the pain or grief that underlay them. But simply being wonder struck by complaints does nothing to constructively handle the pain and grief. Here I wish Harold would have listened to Paulji and NOT point out the negative. There's enough grief in the world. Do we really need more grief from Klemp about fellow Eckists? What's Harold trying to teach here? Selfish and lazy? Remember the old adage: 'The child (chela) who lives with criticism, learns to condemn.'

Analysis: This quote sets up the division between two groups of Eckists. The first are those willing to conform, they have a higher state of consciousness. Those who 'revolt' (hmm mission of the Mahanta is to stir revolt?) have a lower state of consciousness. Spiritual hierarchy means 'the Eckankar movement' for Harold's purpose as follows.

Analysis: This quote is an attempt to direct our attention to the negative attributes of certain chelas whose actions run contrary to pulling more 'converts' into Eckankar. Again I wonder why Harold doesn't follow mark No. 30 of the Master. I don't want to watch 'negativity' Harold. I feel like Klemp is trying to instigate 'loyal' Eckists to take charge and do something about this 'problem'. Why Harold doesn't handle it himself by: establishing firm field policies; having the Eckankar Spiritual Center pay local Eck Center's costs; hiring Eckists as employees to man the centers; and controlling the areas more like parishes of other faiths, instead of allowing the chelas to fight amongst themselves. That may settle this 'introversion' he complains about. And allow Eckists to concentrate on Soul and God realization, instead of converting new-comers.

Analysis: The chelas, whom Harold claims are into bickering and self-service, may actually be trying to communicate, resolve their differences, and form agreements. The advice from the previous quote analysis would also apply here. If you don't like what you see Harold do something CONSTRUCTIVE about it instead of trying to polarize the Eckists against one another. Notice the throw in of Sardar Lhunpo. This master is certainly on the fringe within the spotlight of Eck Masters that are normally spoken of. I wonder why Harold added his name here? Also instead of using the phrase 'ideal of the great saints' perhaps the discourse pages could have been better used by explaining, with examples from the Saints lives, the IDEALS themselves. Certainly the ideals are not 'POINTING OUT THE FAULTS OF FELLOW ECKISTS'.

Analysis: Get rid of them Harji. Talk, talk, talk. Complain, complain, complain. Of what use is this statement to me? Will I now go to the Eck Center meetings and stand up and point out those Eckists who are standing in Harold's way? These people need LOVE, not censure. Certainly if there is no wasting away of the Mahanta's power to those who oppose him, there must be no wasting away of the love for those same people. Let's just love them, and accept them, and address their concerns with respect. Perhaps then they can come to realize the underlying reasons for their opinions, and you for yours. If not, just do as I suggested above: finance and administer the whole structure of Eckankar down to the Eck center level. (Cost too much?- Oh well)

Analysis: Methinks this statement here is to calm the Eckists who are the one's that recognize themselves as the obstructions as Harold has described them. It appeals to their vanity. First of all because their insolence is acknowledged, and then as the quote shows their Spiritual Eye is awakening. In essence Harold is saying that there is still hope for the revolters to put down their weapons of opinion and move further into the secret doctrine.

Analysis: These two quotes find Harold using Paul Twitchell's statements to his advantage. Why the claim is made that these are handwritten by Paul is uncertain. Except as an emotional link to influence the Eckists. Here we see what Harold believes is one of the major problems within the body of the Eckists. It's the factor of Eckankar being a religion or not. Harold also seems to be using the Shariyat to his own ends. The Eckists who complain about critics using the early Eck writings from the 60's consciousness to support their position that Eckankar is a cult, should stop and realize that the present Godman of Eckankar is using the same 'outdated' material to support his positions. End of discussion?

Analysis: Harold hits the mark here. 'Like the Old Testament writers'. I think that's where Klemp is lodged from his seminary training. For his Old Testament God of retribution seems to have pervaded his writings. I've yet to meet any Eckist who believes that Eckankar should not use mailing machines. Perhaps Klemp is mistaken about the 'gripes' of the Eckists. Maybe instead of summarizing here Klemp could give us documents from RESA reports to support what he says is occurring at the Center level.

Analysis: Get rid of them Harold. Kick them out. Why wait? Remember that the meek shall inherit the earth, and who wants the earth anyway? Why so strong in your writings and so meek in reality? Is it because if other Eckists silence the concerns of the revolters rather than you, then you won't be blamed for it?

Analysis: This quote cleary documents Klemp's main thesis. One he has been pushing for 12 years at least. I recall some flyer from Eckankar and Harold from 1983-84 that talks about this very same subject. How long does it take you Harold to get off the pot and do something real about this? Or maybe you're just trying to get rid of the revolters once and for all? Or divert attention from the other problems, such as plagiarism, the disappearance of Eck books by Paul such as The Far Country, from the Eck Sales catalog.

Analysis: I have nothing to say about this quote except I wish again Klemp would have listened to Paul and not point out percieved negative traits within fellow eckists. Maybe most Eckists don't even know anyone like Harold describes(halfhearted, sloppy, introverted, self-righteous losers). This just seems to be more inflammatory statements by Klemp. Why? Maybe the discourse should be retitled: "How to Complain and Degrade without appearing to Complain and Degrade".

Analysis: When Harold gets down to it he just cannot resist pulling in God, and his direct link to IT, to support himself and his divisive positions. On top of the SUGMAD link, Klemp also makes it clear that the Eck Masters are in total alignment with the mission of the Mahanta. In other words they all support what Klemp is writing in this discourse. So if Rebazar comes to you in a dream, etc. and tells you Eckankar should be handed down by word of mouth, it's not really Rebazar (or maybe Rebazar is no longer an Eck Master)? Note the Paul link here again. I guess Paul's statements and writings are fair game even though they are from the 60's consciousness.

Analysis: Here we go again with Paul. Klemp claims that Paul knew the best way for people to reach beyond the limits of self-serving but what we really see in this quote is that Harold knows the best way to use Paul Twitchell to his advantage in order to turn YOUR attention to Klemp's purpose. At the same time Harold uses Paul to support his divisive positions, he blacklists Twitchell's books from Eck publication. (Have you noticed the disappearance of The Far Country, Dialogues with the Master, and the Illuminated Way Letters ?)

Analysis: This quote is bolded as is in the discourse. What a simple spiritual bribe this statement is. Harold seems to be saying: All you halfhearted, sloppy, introverted, self-righteous Eckists, if you just realize that you need to serve God (i.e. Eckankar, and the Mahanta's mission) then you will GAIN in consciousness. (Gee what happened to hard work and effort with the Spiritual Exercises?) I just can't believe a real master would use this kind of statement to influence his chelas. Tell me it ain't so Joe.

Analysis: Father says to children fighting in the house: "If you two mean, contentious, halfhearted, sloppy, introverted, self-righteous children don't stop all this bickering and fighting, well, well I am just going to leave! Then what are you going to do? Who's going to get you food and pay the mortgage." Why don't you just take a hike Harold. If you can't bribe us with gains in consciousness then you threaten us with abandonment. Maybe we would be better off with a real master after all. Oh and don't forget to leave the 'Rod of Power' by the door when you slink away.

Analysis: Harold here seems to support the public channel of the Internet. Yes, the secrets are coming out now aren't they? Now everyone can have access to source material on the original doctrines for their own use, especially if they can't reach the Astral libraries.

Analysis: Spiritual bribe reference number two. How can Harold talk about the ego as an obstacle since he seems to cater to it with his bribes, and with his threats of abandonment? And speaking of ego Harold, isn't it egotistical to state in discourse after discourse (at least within this series) that The Living Eck Master (re: Klemp) is SUGMAD on earth, the direct agent of the SUGMAD, and the embodiment of the SUGMAD? I wonder if Jim Jones, or David Koresh were ever so deluded?

Analysis: Retro-Eck? Harold are you speaking of your rise to Eck Mastership from 15 years ago (still) ? Do you believe that High Initiates are leaving Eckankar now because their anger is related to you as the 'new Master'? I think the tight pinch that you speak of is your unwillingness to fess up the truth about Eckankar's past, and that one little thing, claiming to be God on Earth (discourse # 3). Lately Harold you seem to be the Living Ego Master yourself, and yes, you are a strange master Harold.

What does it all mean?

The secret mission of the Mahanta? It's not so secret from this discourse is it? Split the Eckists. Polarize them. Clearly point out the 'offenders' ( the halfhearted, sloppy, introverted, self-righteous losers) so that either the 'loyal' Eckists will handle the situation at the Eck Center level, or the 'offenders' will realize they have been found out and will on their own, influenced by Klemp's bribes and threats, modify their behavior to no longer be an obstruction to spreading the message of Eck. I don't feel any closer to God or Spirit after reading this discourse.

The overall tone of this discourse is distressing. I opened the discourse to see the spirituality in it, to learn about God and love, to grow. I had not yet even thought about writing Letters To Harold. That decision was made sometime after reading the claims in discourse # 3. With all the attention within this discourse on the hardships of Harold, the controlling statements, and Harold's own complaints what shred of Spirit remains in this discourse? I now open Klemp's discourses in dread of finding more of the same from Klemp; complaints, attacks, and vain boasts. I hope this will change. Perhaps I will be free someday from all this.

Peace and growth, Harold. All we really want is peace and growth, and a little truth.

Hear It For Yourself

Harold complains about the complainers. Here is a quote from Klemp which shows his own complaints about how much money Eckankar was paying Darwin Gross as the president of Eckankar and how much less Eckankar was paying him as the Living Eck Master. Am I wonder-struck by the complaints from initiates, from 14th initiates? No, not wonder-struck, but sick and tired of it all.

  1. "The man (Gross) has more money than you and I put together. He earns four times more than I do. And I don't care. I've come up the hard way. At this time the Eckankar organization pays me a salary. Darwin's is four times more, (stammer), more than mine. These were salaries he set himself."

  2. "The paycheck (Darwin's) is, every month Six Thousand Six Hundred and Sixty Six dollars. I don't know if it's and Sixty-Six cents. I don't know. But multiply by 12 months and you get an idea of what the man makes."

  3. "But at this time he's (Darwin) still getting his money at the rate of Eighty Thousand dollars a year. I make a quarter of that so you know about where I am."

- Harold Klemp, 1983 World Wide of ECK, High Initiate's Meeting, Los Angeles, Ca.

Notice how Harold calls Darwin 'the man'? It seems Harold is still complaining about coming up the hard way. All his hardships once again. Thirteen years later and still he talks of hardships. Why does Klemp make us perform mental division? Why doesn't he say he made about Twenty Thousand dollars a year, instead of beating about the bush. Will Eckankar ever publish membership data such as number of members, totals dollars taken in, operating expenses, and salaries of all employees, including Harold's? Why the secrecy? Listen to the first quote of this section for yourself. It sounds like to me that the Living Eck Master is voicing his pain, grief, and resentment (i.e. a complaint). Listen for yourself.

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I hope this document stimulates further analysis of the teachings of Harold Klemp. Also I ask other Brothers Of The Leaf (H.I.'s) to come forward to lend their ideas and observations. Some of you are considering taking the first step out of fear and conditioning. If you are in the process of unwinding the many years of repression in Eckankar, or are considering it, know that you are not alone, you do have others willing to help you. The next critique of The ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series # 3, entitled 'The Purpose of the ECK Initiations' will be posted on or around 07/03/96.

Peace and Growth,