Darwin vs. Harold, part one

Transcriber: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Alt.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1996

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Darwin vs. Harold over LETTERS TO GAIL volume 3

Here's Darwin, former ECK Master, writing to his Successor and
Present ECK Master:

Dated: October 14. 1989

"Instead of fessing up to bigger and bigger lies, you claim a
familiarity with Paul totally lacking. You have signed an
introduction to the pseudo Letters to Gail entitled "behind the
Scenes with Paul." You imply an intimate knowledge of Paul which you
lack. Even if others contributed to these fake "Paul Twitchell"
letters, they have appeared under your signature and are only
hearsay. The pseudo Letters blatantly contradict the original text
and are a sneaky fraud on both the membership and the public at
large. Both have a right to the real Paul Twitchell."

"These disgusting lies prove you to be an imposter. Perhaps you
think I am too blunt? What else can I say? You have defamed the good
name of Sri Paul Twitchell and the Vairagi teachings, to say nothing
of misrepresenting that which Paulji gave Gail A. Anderson.
Compliments I cannot give you."

"16,000 copies of the original LETTERS to GAIL were printed in 1983.
You had these shredded, to make way for the black magician version.
It was a great waste and a spiritual crime."

"You may be relying upon the "plagiarism" accusations made against
Sri Paul by certain hostile peddlers of prejudice. These maliciously
misunderstand his works and cannot provide a "license" to
importation of black arts into his works."

"Your criminal incitements must be cancelled."

{Sidebar note: Boy, these Eck Masters can be pretty nasty to one
another, huh? I guess the Vairagi brotherhood needs a fast retreat
and maybe a group hug......]

More delicious excerpts to come, directly from the Former Eck Master

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