Letters To Harold

By Raphael, raphael@skypoint.com


Letters to Harold is a series of critiques by ECK High Initiate Raphael of The ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series written by Harold Klemp. The ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series are the most current writings of Harold Klemp and sent only to those ECK students who have been members of Eckankar for 12+ years. For members who have received all prior discourse series (members of 16 or more years) The ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series, are the current discourses being studied. Klemp is writing directly to the highest level (long time) Eck members in this discourse series. The discourses are sent in a monthly mailing, one a month for twelve months. A new Eck initiate would have to wait 144 months or so to review this material since it is forbidden by Eckankar that Eckists share their discourses with others outside their class or household. By the time that new Eckists would receive this discourse series they are so entrenched in Eckankar doctrine and conditioned with the Eckankar sanctioned fear of predicted devastation to Eckists who leave Eckankar that they most likely would not have the strength of will to question with an open mind the material that they would read. The purpose of Letters To Harold then is to inform the other initiates not privy to this information and the unsuspecting public of the current 'spiritual' lessons presented by Klemp for review and to present to them a view that they may not be able to see on their own. The secondary but as important purpose is to inform Klemp that long time Eckists are aware of his words and actions and are watching him.

Within the monthly posting of Letters To Harold:

Each monthly critique will review a specific discourse from the series, and includes these features:

1. Eck-Ease rebuttals - Given in advance in what has been termed 'Eck-Ease' these rebuttals to the critique of the discourse will save most Eckists the brainpower required to delude themselves since the rebuttals will be provided in advance for them.

2. The Boast Corner -Examples are given of Klemp's profuse usage of aggrandizing adjectives and adverbs in relation to himself and Eckankar.

3. Attack Alley - Stand back as Klemp (God on Earth) lets loose with his Old Testament God of Retribution. This feature shows how the 'compassionate' Mahanta attacks all who oppose him.

And a lot more ...

If the ECK community and the public view Letters To Harold with even the smallest shred of objectivity then they may begin to see that Klemp is a master of no one, but only a sadly delusional and weak individual feeding on a self-righteous, emotionally damaged, vainly humble (forgive the paradox) , brainwashed following in order to survive. Also included at various times will be current Eckankar promotional material critiques, Mystic World critiques, and High Initiate Letter critiques.

The passing Piscean Age has lost its influence upon humanity. With the total integration of mass communications and instant information access, the Piscean way of One Master - One Student is fading away as a viable solution for the spiritual student in modern times. A concept which Klemp himself supports in defense of the methods of his spiritual teachings (the inner master, dream master, and the omnipresent Living ECK Master) and which supports his own timidity and dislike of public contact. Yet he cannot take the next step. He still holds on to the belief that he is literally the Master of the whole universe.

The Clarion Call of the Aquarian Age may well be as follows (also the title of a work in progress, co-authored by myself):

BE YOUR OWN INNER MASTER (You are already Anyway)

Peace and growth,

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Critique ofThe ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series # 1 will be posted on 05/03/1996.