Permission Never Granted

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Alt.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1996

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The late Charan Singh was well aware of Paul Twitchell's plagiarism of Julian
Johnson's books.

He never condoned and he never gave "permission" to Paul Twitchell
or Eckankar to plagiarize.
Indeed, Johnson's books have been copyrighted since the 1930s
expressly for this purpose and have retained their copyrights until
this present day.

Charan Singh read my term paper on Eckankar back in 1978 and wrote
me a very kind letter about it.

He asked his staff to also read it, as well as his Western

Charan Singh has never "sponsorsed" any of my research in any way.
What I did was entirely on my own based upon my
interests/inclinations. Charan Singh did, however, read much of what
I wrote.

He did not approve of what Twitchell did, especially after he saw to
what extent Twitchell had plagiarized from Julian Johnson. That
information, especially the extensive plagiarism of the FAR COUNTRY,
was brought to Charan Singh's attention in 1978. Prior to that time,
the Dera was aware of the plagiarism, but not to what extent it had
taken place.

I hope this clarifies the issue.

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I want to go back to the home base now.