Letters To Harold

By the Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master :-), Raphael



Critique of The ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series, Harold Klemp.

Discourse # 3 entitled: The Purpose of the ECK Initiations


WARNING: If what you want is to feel good then do not read these critiques. There is nothing happy or uplifting in participating in or viewing the exposition of another fallen master of a spiritual path followed by thousands of individuals; each living, and breathing, and feeling beings in search of the meaning of life, as you and the Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master :-) (Raphael) are. What options does an Eckist have whose spiritual eye is awakening to the cleverly disguised illusions web by the fabricators of the new age path of Eckankar?

Here are some ideas:

Just think about it:

If there is such a thing as karma operating in this universe, how will Eckankar, it's leaders and it's mindless followers account for the misinformation given in the past and the present in regards to its history?

The Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master (Raphael), repeats his feelings from critiques # 1 & # 2. If Eckankar is to be a viable path in the Aquarian age able to assist its members with spiritual growth in a psychologically fit environment it needs to:

In addition Raphael would suggest:

An honest open inquisitive Eckankar. The Sound of God is not the voice of the Old Testament God Of Retribution that Klemp is the trumpeter of. Recall the old adage: "By his actions, ye shall know him."

AUTHORS NOTE: I, The Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master, Raphael, am moving directly to the MAIN EVENT, bypassing Attack Alley and Boast Corner. The attacks and boasts will be analyzed as I, the Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master, Raphael, move through the discourse. Also I, the Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master, Raphael, will traverse the discourse paragraph by paragraph for you. If a paragraph, in my opinion, does not have any injurious effect, or contribute directly in a negative way, I, The Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master, will not critique that paragraph, nor quote it for you to read. In this way I, The Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master, hope to give you more of the 'CONTEXT' of the sentences quotes and more of the general flow, or lack of it, within this discourse.

All participants on A.R.E. should realize that Eckists cannot discuss, nor share, outside their immediate family, or SATSANG class, any discourse material, what-so-ever under Eckankar supported fear of halting their spiritual progress. Long time Eckists will tell you of the Manu-Samhita, the Code Of Ethics for Eckankar. Ask them about it. Obviously this rule about not sharing the discourses is for self serving purposes to the benefit of Eckankar, the organization, and not the individual. What better way to keep you coming back for more? You will always believe that finally in discourse series # ??? that you will be given something of spiritual value. Instead you get the garbage that I, The Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master, have been analyzing.


The following quotes strung through the discourse comprise Klemp's main message to the long time Eckists. What is Klemp saying here ? Let's review what the Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master feels are important sections for you to be made aware of. I, The Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master, have not added any emphasis to the quotes, nor do I, The Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master, clarify within the quote by use of parenthesis or brackets. The Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master's analysis follows each paragraph or group of paragraph quotes.


Paragraph 1:
As I trace the corruption of the spiritual works of ECK in the practices of different religions; nothing is more empty that the rite of baptism. Originally, as you know, the early Living ECK Masters, like Decates of Sar-Kurteva in old Atlantis, gave the true initiation of Spirit. It was the entrance of Soul into the mysteries of God which put into reverse the awful downward pull of mind and matter.

Analysis: Harold tells us that baptism is empty. Truly his heart is empty. For we see in life what we hold in our hearts. In reality, poor Harold is so threatened by the other paths and their attractiveness to the chelas that he uses every opportunity to degrade them in hopes that it will influence the chelas from leaving Eckankar. This is why he cannot acknowledge, to himself or his chelas, the beauty in other rituals of other paths. Harold also tries to use spiritual knowledge or the perception in our minds that as a Master (?) he possesses spiritual knowledge, to drive a wedge into our consciousness by making the distinction 'true initiation of Spirit' so that we will doubt other spiritual teachers and paths. In truth no-one can give that which he does not possess. No man or being possesses (owns) God therefore no man nor being can give the initiation of God, for there is no initiation other than what you accept for yourself. And you decide, not the teacher/master when you are ready for another step in your life. Whatever direction you wish to take, remember that God is everywhere, and each step is therefore of equal distance from the Creator. Klemp continues to influence us into feeling that life on earth is something awful, that our minds, and our bodies are in some way 'sinful'. Obscure references to old Atlantis, and to fictional Eck Masters that most, if not all Eckists, do not 'know' of are intended by Klemp to make us believe in the 'traditions of ECKANKAR'

Paragraph 2:
This holy ritual was a sacred connection between the chela and the ECK Life Current. It led to spiritual liberation of the highest, most complete, and satisfying order.

Analysis: This short paragraph is intended to prop up and glorify the ECK initiations above all others. Isn't a link up to spirit, a linkup to spirit ? Aside from the illusion that soul is linked up to spirit by some man or being, what is it that really brings the most complete, and satisfying liberation? You, your choices, and the grace of God. We are already linked up to spirit (or the force of life), otherwise we would not even exist.

Paragraph 3:
But truth is always driven off by the forces of evil. The ECK Masters have had to fly from persecution by the lords of orthodox beliefs. As soon as they were forced from the mainstream of a culture, the corrupted doctrines of the priestcraft swept over the land like the jungle reclaiming the abandoned cities of grandeur in the central plateau area of Mexico after Cortes began his conquest of Mexico. In the long run, however, the suppression of truth in the lower universes is defeated by the true Word in the regions beyond the Sat Lok.

Analysis: This paragraph polarizes the chelas against the orthodox systems. At once engendering fear in the Eckists, and then holding up the banner of victory as if the Eckists are involved in some cosmic level drama for the fate of some fictional Spiritual Empire called Klemptonia.

SECTION TITLE: Primary Initiation

Paragraph 7:
The primary initiation in ECK is the Initiation of the Second Circle. Here the Mahanta connects the chela with the ECK, for no one can do this by his own efforts. The disciple is henceforth known as the Kitai, the enlightened one, or the Arahata, who is the teacher.

Analysis: Study for 2 years, and now you are known as the enlightened one? How does that appeal to the new-comers ego? Contrary to the illusion of the Mahanta (Klemp) we all are ALREADY connected to the source of life; we are each already living.

Paragraph 9:
There is no deliverance greater than the ECK initiation, but the results depend upon the initiate to follow the instructions laid down by the Master or his Initiator. Obedience is given to the Law of Silence in regard to the initiation, and anyone who violates the doctrines of ECK will be dropped from the path. This halts all spiritual progress, nor will it continue again until the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master lets him enter into the circle of followers.

Analysis: Eckists are you following a unique spiritual teaching? Or Klemp's twisted version of Lutheranism / Christianity? New-comers be aware that even though promised by the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad there are no precise instructions laid down during the second initiation. You may be sorely disappointed if you take the Initiator to task. The Law Of Silence, is really the Tool of Klemp's Control. Each of us is a free soul. Unfortunately after listening to these types of threats and the claimed God-link of the Mahanta, an Eckist will find it nearly impossible to accept that Klemp is not a Master with the power over their unfoldment in God. But that is the truth. Klemp is a fallen master, most likely never a master, appointed by an Eckankar sanctioned fallen master, who was appointed by the wife of the founder of Eckankar, (himself a compiling fraud), who became the wife of the man she appointed to replace her dead husband. Look at it this way: Has anything in your life ever worked out so great? Why on earth would you believe that you have found the one-true-path to God which lords itself above all others? Earth to Chelas, come in please. Anyone can call themselves a God-Realized Master.

Do you chelas fear anything? How about The Law of Vengeance?

SECTION TITLE: Trying for Spiritual Freedom

Paragraph 20:
But do you see a pattern?

A divine seed of spiritual liberation had been planted among the nations by the ECK Masters, but the imperfect minds of people could do nothing else but distort it when put into their hands for safekeeping.

Analysis: Seems that the omniscient Eck Masters are pretty stupid. If they are so great and mighty how is it that they could not see the folly of entrusting such to mere mortals? The fact is the Eck Masters don't exist. I.E. Calling yourself the Living ECK Master doesn't mean you are a Master. You cannot even prove it to yourself Harold. Also remember how the KAL dearly loves titles, seems you love yours dearly; the Mahanta, the Living Eck Master. It appears about 1000 times in the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad books 1 and 2, and throughout your writings. Admit it, aside from your fantasy world there is no hierarchy of past masters. Eckankar's claiming of historical masters such as Pythagoras and St. Paul, being Eck Masters is comical, immature, self-serving spiritual masturbation. Go back to the farm, hide in your barn, and stop trying to milk us to 'spread your message of Eck'. The very premise of spreading your message of Eck is ridiculous. Whatever life force exists, as the foundation of life, exists regardless of what you think or say, regardless of whether one hears about ECK, or is initiated into Eck and linked to the Living ECK Master through membership (as stated on your superficially attractive - identification ladened new Eckankar home page). We are all INITIATED into life whether we like it or not by the very empirical fact that we are HERE! And no one has the secret key to liberation with which to LORD over us.

Paragraph 21:
For this reason the Living ECK Master repeats the old axiom that a chela in the physical body must have a Master in the physical body.

Analysis: A supreme self-serving statement which suits Eckankar and Harold Klemp's purposes perfectly. If this statement were true one certainly wouldn't choose an Eck Master to be one's master anyway. They do not have very good discrimination do they? Harold writes in paragraph 20 that the imperfect minds of the people distorted the seeds of liberation, but it seems, if the Eck Masters are real, that it is their imperfect minds who chose to view as perfect the truly imperfect minds of the people in whom they planted the seeds of liberation. In other words if the Eck Masters screwed up once, they'll screw up again. And why should we listen to and follow screw-ups like the Eck Masters. Anyway historical ECK masters don't exist.

Remember as The Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master , Raphael, advises:

BE YOUR OWN INNER MASTER (You are already anyway).

Paragraph 22:
The human consciousness is a poor reflection of the ECKshar enlightenment because of all the short circuits between Soul and the mind. Only the Mahanta can make a clean line between the spiritual and material worlds.

Analysis: Title of Klemp's next book: "You're a poor reflection, I'm not". As an aside note what is all the boasting done in A.R.E. about how prolific a writer Klemp is? New-comers and others need to remember that most of Klemp's books are simply transcripts of 15 years of talks at seminars. If any of you gave the meager amount of lectures (which consist mostly of letters/stories sent to Klemp by chelas) that Klemp has in 15 years of mastership (?) you would also have volumes to your credit. It is much different to sit down and write 15 coherent God-Inspired works by oneself at one's typewriter or pen, than it is to speak and have a team of editors write your 'books' for you. Just like Gross and his lame writings, we have God on earth. Review Klemp's writings; are they from God on Earth?

Paragraph 23:
The simplicity and power of the ECK initiations are, in comparison with orthodox baptism, a thing of beauty and wonder. The murky intercession of the priest, who does nothing at all of a spiritual service, is ignored. The Mahanta, has both the power and authority to link up Soul with the almighty ECK Stream.

Analysis: Here is the quote as it might appear in a discourse series which could be entitled The Reversed Eck Satsang Discourses:

"The simplicity and power of the Christian Baptisms are, in comparison with the ECK Initiations, a thing of beauty and wonder. The murky intercession of the ECK Higher Initiate, who does nothing at all of a spiritual service, is ignored. The Mahanta , has no power or authority to link up Soul with the Holy Spirit." - The Proposed Reversed Eck Satsang Discourses, First Series.

Do you now see how Klemp and ECKANKAR respect other paths?

Paragraph 24:
This is a claim that can be made by no orthodox religion or mystery group. The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master is the SUGMAD on earth and has unlimited power to carry out the will of the Supreme One in all ITS countless worlds. This is a vain boast to the ears of the profane, nevertheless the ECK initiate learns the truth for himself during the daily spiritual exercises. He is honest in his dealing with all men, for even a little lie to man or Spirit destroys the trust needed to advance in life.

Analysis: Who is honest? Harold is God on earth? Who lies to the membership about the theft of sacred Indian writings for personal benefit? Who lies about being God on Earth? God on Earth?

The Shab is a 7th initiate in Eckankar. Klemp has shown he is not worthy of the 7th level let alone the 14th (or whatever). Therefore on this day let it be known that Klemp is not even a 7th initiate, much less God on Earth. A fallen master if ever he was one.

Paragraph 25:
This takes us into a happier area, the inner life of the ECKist after initiation. The misunderstandings of the priests that are impressed upon the followers are a black hole in the development of Soul.

Analysis: Ah what a much happier area to discuss Harold! Klemp seems to love to attack other clergy and faiths. Such Spiritual Arrogance is a common occurrence in the writings of the fallen master, Harold Klemp.

The following excerpt is from The Holy Liar of ECK, sorry I mean The Holy Fire of ECK by Harold Klemp, from chapter 35 entitled: Spiritual Arrogance

Paragraph 1: "This week, I told a chela of an experience on the inner planes that gave me a completely different outlook on a certain metaphysical group, which will remain unnamed here. Until now, I had considered it a benign, senile teaching that really hurt no one."

Klemp's own spiritual arrogance is apparent even in the first paragraph of his article which tries to point out other's spiritual arrogance. Sounds like the certain metaphysical group that Klemp is referring to is Eckankar itself, doesn't it?

Here is another example of Klemp's spiritual arrogance:

Paragraph 26:
The law of the universe is that each person has the right to choose his own course of progress on earth. But the hidden side of the same principle requires a full payment for all that is said or done in ignorance of the spiritual doctrines of ECK.

Analysis: Dear new comers, does this statement give you warm fuzzies, or fear of punishment, simply because you do not know of, and follow the doctrines of ECK? Surely you MUST follow ECKANKAR (not) or suffer and pay in full for your ignorance. Kal Klemp strikes again. Harold simply bolding the words above doesn't mean a thing about your true feelings, as you have written over and over, including in MASTER 4 series, that the chela may leave Eckankar, but he will and must come back in some future life.

Harold, don't you think before you write about what effect you might have on people? Don't you know what will happen to you Harold if you cause people to leave Eckankar by your negativity and attacks on other faiths, and the degradation of your own chelas (see below- paragraph 32).

Perhaps that heavy karma has been your recent illness, Harold.

Paragraph 27:
We know that ECKANKAR is the name coined by Paul Twitchell to memorialize the body of practices that are unique to the disciples of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. The outsider sees only a minor religion that is making serious inroads into the sacristy of the orthodox clergy, and this poses a threat to him. The unique feature to him is that ECKANKAR is a religion that has the Living ECK Master for its spiritual leader, but beyond that the writings make no impression upon him.

Analysis: We have come to know that ECKANKAR is the name used by Paul Twitchell to create his one-man cult based on the practices stolen from Indian Masters Twitchell was initiated into. The unique feature Klemp says the orthodox see in Eckankar is really what he wants to rivet your attention to so as to see it as a benefit to you, in order to make you believe that it is something special. Klemp has degraded the outer Eckankar writings so much why should the orthodox clergy be impressed by them (hey Harold - why continue the discourses?).

Paragraph 29:
The strength of ECKANKAR is its direct line to the ECK and the SUGMAD. The ECK, the Voice of God, is heard on occasion like a mighty wind that travels up and down a corridor, blowing every corner and square inch of wall clean and free from dirt and debris. Soul, in a conscious effort, can control Its relationship with that Wind of Change, the ECK.

Analysis: The strength of ECKANKAR is in it's absolutist claims that only the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master can link you up to the Life Stream that will take you back home to God, and that you can only be linked to the Mahanta by formal membership in the Eckankar organization (see their web site on membership in Eckankar). Perhaps the strength also lies in self-serving threats like this one:

SECTION TITLE: Mahanta's Soft Words

Paragraph 30:
You'd be surprised how many initiates cannot hear the Mahanta's words that speak softly behind the writings of the outer volumes of The Shariyat.

Analysis: Everyone get ready for the following soft words from Klemp.

Paragraph 31:
They do not have the necessary phone line with the Inner Master. Consequently, they become rigid about the letter of the law and forget its spirit. But nobody can tell them this, because they are so fixed in their own great self-image.

Analysis: Their own great self-image. How about Harold's own great self-image?

These words are not soft? Are they?

Remember the following quote from the discourse series, The Precepts Of Eckankar, discourse # 3, The Thirty-Two Marks of the Master, 1967, page 8, by Paul Twitchell.

Obviously Harold Klemp (God on Earth) does not remember this quote otherwise he would teach only the positive truths.

Paragraph 32:
Letters still cross my desk from people who juggle the meaning of Paul's January 1971 Illuminated Way Letter. He said that the next Mahanta would be along in about fifteen years, and that he might appoint an ECK Master to serve in the interim until the appointment of the next Mahanta. They count their fingers like monkeys in a zoo, scratch their heads, and lay their lack of success with the spiritual exercises to an outer cause.

Analysis: ECK Monkeys. I wonder which initiation that is?

Perhaps Harold is referring to this uplifting (not) story from one of his first discourses:

Paragraph 33:
The real reason is that they neglect the self-disciplines asked of them: the Law of Silence about their conversations with the Mahanta, the steady drill of contemplation, one of the Friday fasts, and the monthly reports to the Master.

Analysis: The Law Of Silence is actually one of Klemp's control tools.

Paragraph 34:
They shuffle about, raising their fists about this heady argument or another, but they miss the heart of ECK, which is the secret doctrine.

Analysis: Is this how Klemp wishes to teach his students? To be like him? Earth to fallen master, you deserve a break today, retire this October 22nd, 1996.

SECTION TITLE: Training of the Next Master

Paragraph 35, 36, and 37:
The training of the next Living ECK Master is begun years before the candidate even knows of the special tests and disciplines that are for his strengthening.

In the winter of 1971, Paul came to me on the inner planes where I lay sleeping on an empty hay wagon. Two huge farm dogs, companions and protectors of Paul, awakened me by pulling gently at my arm. I feigned sleep while Paul worked beneath a nearby piece of machinery, but he talked while he made the repairs.

'The next Mahanta should be ready in ten years,' he said. 'For that matter, he may be ready even sooner.'

Analysis: What a convenient dream to tell us at this point. And in order to buttress your attacks against the Eck Monkeys described in paragraph 32. You just now made this dream up to suit your own purpose didn't you?

Paragraph 38:
The point I'm making is twofold: The actual date may be on a sliding scale that missed the actual event, though the event does occur at some time. Secondly, the event comes about in a manner of indirection so that it is often overlooked by the people who make a habit of blindly accepting predictions without taking them to the Inner Master for verification.

Analysis: Gee Harold in paragraph 21 of this discourse you just told us of the need of a living master. Here we see you following a dead master (Paul died in the fall of 1971) and then advising us to take the living master's words to the inner master for verification. Why is it that Gross, your living master, wasn't followed by you? And as I recall Gross was the Mahanta. Why didn't you expose Gross as an impostor and not the Mahanta, since your inner master (dead living master) told you that the next Mahanta (a reference to you Harold, n'est pas?) was about 10 years away. 1971 to 1981, hmm. The point you actually make is that the Living Master is unreliable. Well that's clear from your description of the Eck Master's lousy sense of discrimination you described in paragraph 20. We should instead validate it with the inner master. Outer / Inner, personality 1, personality 2, agenda 1, agenda 2, lie 1, lie 2, lie 3, lies, lies, lies from Eckankar.

Remember as The Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master , Raphael advises:

BE YOUR OWN INNER MASTER (You are already anyway)

SECTION TITLE: Inner Initiations

Paragraph 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45:
The ECK initiations are now spaced out at the higher levels at five years or more. The first reaction chelas had when they got wind of the longer time between initiations was that their spiritual life was going to run into stagnation.

This is not true. Much fruitful growth has been missed in the past by initiates who were moved along too rapidly.

The outer initiation marks a major elevation into a higher plane, but each year between the five or more outer years ought to bring a conscious memory of an inner initiation. This means that there will be a minimum of four or more inner initiations during the interval, if ones does the spiritual exercises with love and devotion.

Paul brought this up to a small group of students at a Golden Wisdom Temple. He stood on a dais and was dressed in a modish blue suit with slightly discernible square patterns woven throughout it; still, the suit was in a conservative style.

'Everyone should have at least one or more initiations a year,' he said. 'This comes about and reflects from a change in personal habits and attitudes.' That was one of Paul's more pointed lectures aimed at the problems of his audience.

Analysis: Klemp is quite the magician. He pulls stories about Paul Twitchell out of his hat all the time now. Is Harold trying to enforce the illusion of the Traditions of ECK, or simply use Paul Twitchell once again to buttress his failing positions? One obvious reason to slow down initiations is to keep the members hanging in there longer, paying for discourses and the like. The other as pointed out in critique # 1 is that Klemp's worst nightmare would be to have hundreds of ninth initiate Eck Masters running around. He can hardly control his other so-called higher initiates.

Paragraph 49:
The spiritual path is easy for those who do not pick and choose, but who can adapt themselves to all conditions. In a sense it is like this old saying, but exercised with discretion: 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do.'

Analysis: To what conditions does Harold mean us to adapt to? Perhaps these:

Paragraph 51:
I'd like to repeat an excellent definition of vairag, detachment: One can have a burning vision and dream within oneself and yet not force it into manifestation, as strong as this urge may be - yet to hold back and allow it to manifest as it will. It seems to me that gaining this vairag is what Paul meant by pulling the tiger's fang.

Analysis: Klemp's definition here also seems to say that one should not proceed with that which one wishes to. Compare that with what the Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master, Raphael states about detachment:

"Detachment is the acceptance of the reality of our life as it is now."

And what is the reality of our life in Eckankar now?

What does it all mean?

The paragraphs not included in this critique deal with background on Baptism and initiations of 'lower' orders through ancient cultures. It is rather banal, and of course Klemp claims that Baptism is a shadow of the Eck Initiations. Summarized by a long time abused and controlled Eckist, The Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master, and contrary to the muddled message of Klemp's discourse:

  1. The Purpose of the Eck Initiations are to: Entice you into entering a system whereby a Living (unreliable) Master is needed to gain liberation through initiation. That system is ECKANKAR, and the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, Harold Klemp is the ONLY one (according to Eckankar and Klemp) who can connect you to that stream, and it is only through membership in Eckankar that you can link up with the Mahanta (see http://www.eckankar.org under membership for yourself).

  2. The Purpose of the Eck Initiations are to: Control you through your honest desire to be more God-like by linking each successive Eck Initiation to becoming closer to God-Realization, when they are no more than that which you or anyone else wish to attribute to them.

  3. The Purpose of the Eck Initiations are to: Foster separation from society and other paths and encourage spiritual arrogance (vanity) towards the uninitiated and those in the lower levels of initiation. Also to make a slave of you, your attention, and spiritual energies to an Organization (Eckankar) that lies, and steals from its membership (you), as well as lies to the general public as well.

Remember as the Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master, Raphael advises:

Peace and growth, Harold. All we really want is peace and growth, and a little truth.


How did you like reading over and over again the reference to The Mahealer, the Recovery ROOM Master? I don't think long time Eckists realize the pervasive brainwashing effect of this technique. I hope that by including this 'title' people can become aware of how this technique permeates all of the Eck writings.

I hope this document stimulates further analysis of the teachings of Harold Klemp. Also I ask other Brothers Of The Leaf (H.I.'s) to come forward to lend their ideas and observations. Some of you are considering taking the first step out of fear and conditioning. If you are in the process of unwinding the many years of repression in Eckankar, or are considering it, know that you are not alone, you do have others willing to help you. This ends the last critique in this series. Please review the Postscript for more information.

Peace and Growth,