Tipton on Twitchell, part two

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Atl.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1996

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I want to go back to the home base now.

Let us see what George Tipton Wilson, one-time friend of
Twitchell's, and author of FROM PADUCAH TO KENTUCKY (about
Twitchell's early life) says about Paul Twitchell's birthdates:

Direct quotes (and please, Steve, remember this guy is not connected
to me):

1. "On the marriage certificate [with Camille Ballowe in 1942]
Twitchell's birthdate is listed as Oct. 22, 1912 (the family Bible
makes it Oct 23, 1910, and Twitchell was NEVER AGAIN [my emphasis]
to get that close to the Bible entry)."

2. "The birthdate [given on Twitchell's 1971 death certificate] is
given as Oct 22, 1922--12 years OFF [my emphasis] the Bible entry."

3. "Jack Jarvis devoted a column to Twitchell in the SEATTLE POST
Intelligencer on July 9, 1963, describing him as a 'mild-mannered
guy just turned 40" (if you bought the Bible date, he would have
BEEN 52)."

4. "Mattie Twitchell, widow of Paul's brother, Howard, and other
members of the Twitchell family strong resent what they regard as
the unfounded statements sprinkled throughout IN MY SOUL I AM FREE.
She quoted her son, John Howard Twitchell, as saying 'It's a good
thing my daddy wasn't living; he would have beat the hell out of


Direct quotations from a source not connected with Lane

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I want to go back to the home base now.