Sudar Singh = ? (Volume One)

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: The Neural Surfer
Publication date: 1996

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Sudar Singh = ?

Glen recently stated that Harold Klemp has clarified Paul
Twitchell's relationship with Kirpal Singh.

This, of course, is not true, since neither Klemp or Gross has
fully acknowledged that Sudar Singh, as such, does not exist.

The name Sudar Singh is a cover name for several gurus: Kirpal
Singh, Sawan Singh, Swami Premananda, etc.

There has never been any documented evidence given by Twitchell or
by Gross or by Klemp demonstrating that Sudar Singh really existed.

Until Klemp admits that Sudar Singh is fictional then the cover-up

I hear a lot of banter about how Raphael should come out of hiding.
Why not demand that "Sudar Singh" come out of hiding and into the
light of rational scrutiny? He does not exist...... Kirpal Singh
existed, to be sure....... but do Eckists acknowledge him in the
pantheon of Vairagi Masters?

Twitchell once did...... until it turned out that it would be easier
to invent a master instead of acknowledge one.

Hmm, I would be really impressed if somebody somewhere could
actually document Twitchell's association with Sudar Singh.

I am not looking for astral accounts, by the way.

Good luck.......

I just wish that Eckists would demand more of their leadership,
especially when there is a bald face lie being perpetuated about
Sudar Singh.

Keep in mind that every date that Twitchell has provided about his
travels to India to go see Sudar Singh is fabricated. 

Why not do some research on this famous "Eck" Master if he really

I know why.........

He don't exist, but let's get on Raphael for hiding.....

The convulsions are amazing........

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