Twitchell on Martians

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Alt.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1996

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Twitchell on Exo-Biology: Concerning this idea that Twitchell was a "Master-compiler"..... When he wrote about race in the 1960s, he could have cribbed (as he did without hesitation) from many sources. Instead of appropriating GREAT INITIATES, the "Master-compiler" could have easily plagiarized the speeches of Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. But forget all that here's another gem from Twitchell's writings: "The plane of Mars is fully inhabited according to those who have been there. The civilization is rather monolithic in stucture, with several types of races, from the DWARF RACE to the MAJESTIC BEINGS who have large and superior mental powers. The landscape is rather weird." (page 60, LETTERS TO GAIL, volume II, by Paul Twitchell) Note: If you think that Twitchell is talking about "spiritual" or "astral" beings, you should read closely what he says in the same letter (and I quote): "Again, I am not speaking of the spirit worlds, but the physical worlds which exist elsewhere in this universe." (page 60 as well) And concerning the Martians? "The climate is hot, dry, and acrid. BODIES ARE FLESHY." (page 61) P.S. Isn't the major critique of the BELL CURVE centered on the fact that race should not be a basis for predicting intelligence, especially given the cultural variances by which we measure such intelligence? Okay, but on Mars we have the Dwarf Race whose intelligence in comparison to the MAJESTIC BEINGS is obviously less, since Twitchell says the MAJESTICS have "large and superior mental powers." How does Twitchell know? Did he give them an IQ test? Was it called the MARTIAN CURVE? signed: short-guy, protestor for the DWARF RACE on Mars, who thinks that the first sign of intelligence is not to believe what Twitchell says about us on Mars. --------------------------------------- Twitchell on life on other planets: "Now Mercury, Uranus, and Saturn are the enemy planets in a sense. They are supposedly inhabited by those races which are always trying to gain territories. They are completely warlike--and by the way Mars does belong in this group. According to ancient history, what I learned in India, there have been five invader waves to this Earth planet from outer space. THIS IS WHY THE ARYAN RACE is supposedly the GREAT RACE OF THIS EARTH--because THEY WERE THE FOUNDERS OF THE ORIGINAL COLONY UPON THIS EARTH COMING FROM JUPITER. Later a few other colonies were settled here from Venus and Clarion." (LETTERS TO GAIL, VOLUME TW0, page 61) -------- Continues Twitchell a few lines down: "THE ARYAN PEOPLE TOOK FLESH BODIES AND HAVE WAYS OF PROTECTION AGAINST THE OTHER RACES. THE COLONIES FOUNDED BY SATURN AND THE WAR PLANETS WERE SUPPOSEDLY THE DARK-SKINNED PEOPLE WHO SETTLED IN THE HOT COUNTRIES, because the climate was similar to that of their own world." [LETTERS TO GAIL, VOLUME TWO, page 61-62] Note: In this letter Twitchell claims that the ARYAN RACE is the GREAT race on Earth and they are not war-like, but the DARK-SKINNED people are from WAR Planets, and earlier on he calls these DARK-SKINNED people "warlike." You know, I think the BELL CURVE is starting to sound downright progressive when compared to the above. Maybe Mark A. would present Twitchell with a late "Shame on you" award. I already got my trophy and I am not giving it up. It's on my shelf along with the Kal Niranjan "Here's Looking At You" Button. signed: The DWARF RACE on Mars.... yea, we may be short but we get around and we don't like what Twitchell write

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