The Race Debate

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Alt.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1996

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Mark, I think sometimes we tend to forget the genealogical history of postings on this group. In response to Steve's persistent question about what I thought about the BELL CURVE (remember he kept repeating the query), I pointed out that its publication at least allowed for a healthy discussion to ensue. I then continued on and said that I have found Twitchell's writings to be much more racist than the BELL CURVE. Why? Because I read what Twitchell stated about race in the ECK VIDYA and how "intermarriage weakens a race and its strength." I do think the ECK VIDYA is filled with racist passages. I don't think the ARYAN RACE is dominating the world. Twitchell, however, said so. He also said things about race that I find silly and stupid. Just for the record, I also found things that Julian Johnson wrote about race to be silly and stupid as well (just read With a Great Master in India, for example). I didn't "introduce" race into the discussion; Steve did that. Moreover, I didn't write ECK VIDYA with its appropriated passages from the GREAT INITIATES. I didn't categorize the world into distinct races, I didn't describe racial tendencies or traits. Twitchell did all of that. All I did was read it, comment on it, and offered my opinion: it's stupid. (Sidebar to Bruce: I did mean stupid..... Crude is too polite). Okay, so go right ahead and with a straight face (I shall not mind) tell me about the race from Jupiter and how they are going to attack the Earth and the Aryans. We can have a nice argument about it. You then go on and say some things about anger. I am not angry about the ECK VIDYA. I actually think it is kinda of funny and perhaps a bit scary--scary if anybody can actually live their lives according to such beliefs, but such is the nature of religious involvement. I didn't bring up "race" because I was pissed off or something. Quite the opposite. I brought it up, because Steve had persistently asked me to give my opinion of the BELL CURVE. I answered by connecting it to the writings of Eckankar, saying once again that I find the BELL CURVE less racist than Twitchell's writings.... which, i repeat, is not saying much. If you didn't want race "introduced" in this newsgroup, then you should have written Steve many posts back. I personally think the more one explores the writings of Twitchell the better. And concerning my use of humor and "ridicule," I have been the subject of lots of adjectives and I have always tried to treat people on this newsgroup with a light touch. I have absolutely no animosity towards anyone in ARE. Indeed, I find the whole endeavor quite delightful, and I have personally been flamed too many times to count. Being flamed, as I have been, is part of the game. Also, I feel no shame in commenting on Twitchell's passages about the Aryan Race, the Black Race, the Red Race, or the Ulemians from Jupiter. The shame is that there are gullible people who will believe such things and act accordingly. P.S. I will post excerpts from the ECK Vidya and from the GREAT INITIATES to show where Twitchell was drawing his "racial" ideology from, and, in turn, why such ideas are racist (in the exact definition of that term, as I mentioned in my first post). signed: The star child from Jupiter

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I want to go back to the home base now.