Racism and Eckankar

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Alt.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1996

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I liked Kent's post entitled "Is David Lane a Racist?" since it allows me to focus again on why I even raised the issue that some of Eckankar's literature contains racist passages. Since the term racism covers a wide spectrum of possibilities, in my very first post on this subject I stated that Twitchell's writings were racist because he claims that races are distinct and separate and that each race has certain intellectual and behavioral traits. Moreover, these traits can predict certain future actions. Now keep in mind that within this purview, there is no question that Twitchell's writings are racist. But before everyone gets bent out of shape, I also happen to think that the Bible is racist, the Constitution is racist, Julian Johnson's writings are racist, etc. Kent is also right on the money that almost anybody brought up in the world today is going to be racist to some extent. The fish may not want to have polluted waters in their system, but there's nothing you can do when the waters have DDT. In the same way, individually we may not want to be racist, but our society almost insures us that we will have some residual poison in our system. This does not mean that we cannot clean up our "waters" or our society, it just means that we will have to overthrow many of our stupid ideas about race. It should also be kept in mind that I brought up Twitchell's racism because Steve had written several posts about the BELL CURVE, implying that it contained a racist methodology. What I wanted to demonstrate (and a close reading of Twitchell's ECK VIDYA is sufficient) is that Twitchell's writings were much more "racist" (given the definition that I have provided) than the BELL CURVE. And going back to this ARYAN RACE thing, one must keep in mind that America is a melting pot, so I have no idea what it means when someone says that the "white" race is dominating the world. What is a white race anyways? Is it defined genetically? By skin color? (If it is by skin color, then I am not white.....) If is by genetics, then I am an African-American, who just happened to have relatives who lived for a spell in Ireland, France, and Germany. What is perhaps most reprehensible about Twitchell's writings on race is that they are so utterly stupid. And I do mean stupid.....

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I want to go back to the home base now.