Letters To Harold

By Raphael




While I first intended to write critiques for all 12 discourses in the ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series, I have decided to end the critiques with discourse # 3. From time to time I may post an article on some section of a future discourse, if the attacks and negativity increase to the proportion found in the first few discourses. I hope I have shown a new way to view the discourses that will help others be more objective rather than accepting Klemp's words as SUGMAD on earth. Discourses 5 and 6, while still in Klemp's style (vain and negative) have moderated somewhat and I feel I need to move on to other phases in the Recovery Process for myself.

Raphael's Recovery Room's Web Site has been modified. It now contains 4 sections. Three main sections and a fourth that has helpful links to other recovery supportive web sites. The three main sections of the Recovery Room are:

  1. How to recognize the control of Eckankar(tm)
    This section contains Letters To Harold, The Book of Eckankar Threats, and other articles. The first step to healing is recognizing the control techniques that have been used to keep you attached to the path.

  2. How to Regain Your Self-Identity
    This section will contain helpful articles on moving out of the area of recognizing the control you have been under and giving you constructive steps to continue the healing process.

  3. How to move ahead with your Spiritual Growth
    This section will contain helpful articles on moving forward with greater awareness. Now that you have recognized the control of the path, regained your self-identity it's time to decide in which direction to travel (if any) on your spiritual quest.

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Thank you for all the supportive e-mails and messages.

As a final note I'd like to share a quote from discourse # 5.

Here is a story from the MASTER 4 discourses that illustrates in Klemp's own words his true ability to be self-reliant. This story also shows a neurotic tendency, as well as meglomaniacal paranoia.

Raphael's Comments:

Harold, everyday of your life is hard isn't it? Why on earth could you not walk upstairs open a door and yell: 'Joan give me some tape?' Too much reliance on yourself ?

Are you afraid of the ECK employees, they're already in your house helping you. Why on earth did you accept their help anyway?

If you're so frightened of them, why not go to a restaurant and hide out for the day? Oh, are you more afraid of the general public, the sinister Kal forces, are they out to get you?

Obviously your next step if the coincidence wouldn't have happened would have been to call out using your regular phone to your friend, who would in turn call your house. Or perhaps you're too afraid to call your friend. You could have just waited in fetal position for Joan to come downstairs to check your diaper and bring you some tape.


Eckists, see what miracles of spirit await you when you attain God-Realization through Eckankar? Unfortunately neurosis, paranoia, and delusion also seem to accompany the Eck miracles.

Harold, your excuse of maintaining a low profile is lame. And clarify which WORLD CRISIS, Paul, and You have ever come out into the public to make a rare appearance for?

As GOD on earth you certainly have some spiritual talents. Don't you? Face it Harold, you are in the same boat as all of us. You are a man, that's all. Certainly not a master. Give it up, Harold. Look in the mirror and say. 'My name is Harold, and I am just a man'. Repeat it over and over and it will certainly bring results. Eckists, including Raphael, look into the mirror and repeat 'His name is Harold, and he is just a man'. Repeat it over and over and pray that it will bring results.

Harold, really, what is wrong with you? Have you not been taking your medication?

Harold, why don't you come clean about who you really are, and give us a little truth?

Peace and Growth,