Eckankar's Legal Threat Against Others Plagiarizing Their Material

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Atl.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1996

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This is an excerpt from Paul Twitchell's attorney threatening legal
action for those who use Twitchell's copyrighted works.

I don't think "Art" or "Compilation" will work as a defense.

Excerpt, dated May 1, 1971, written by C. Lydon Harrell, Jr., on
behalf of his client, Paul Twitchell:

"Many false claims may be made by those under the influence of the
Kal Power, but the only authorized Discourses are sent from Las
Vegas, Nevada, from the headquarters of ECKANKAR, and the only
groups are the ECK Satsang Groups."

"Fraudulent use of these materials WILL PLACE THOSE SO DOING
SUBJECT TO LIBEL." [my emphasis]

{Sidebar note: this was written while Twitchell was alive. Fraudulent
use of materials is precisely what Twitchell did to Johnson and
others....... I think the Artist should have a prefix before it:


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