Darwin Gross Speaks Out Against Harold Klemp

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: The NEURAL SURFER
Publication date: January 1997

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Who will be the next Living Eck Master?

Well, here's what Sri Darwin Gross, former Living Eck Master
and Mahanta title holder, wrote on October 14, 1989 to
Sri Harold Klemp:

"On February 23, 1987 PETER SKELSKY filed a claim in San Francisco
as 'SUCCESSOR-IN-INTEREST' for the 'celebrity' name PAUL TWITCHELL.
This is absurd! Sri Paul Twitchell is not a celebrity but
an authentic spiritual leader. No one has ever owned him. . . .
Why did Peter Skelsky buy 25-30 thousand copies of Paulji's
spiritual adventure story EAST OF DANGER at the October 1982 Board
meeting in Honolulu? What became of these books? Where did Peter
Skelsky get the 25-30 thousand dollars to purchase the East of
Danger books?"


Sri Darwin Gross, the former Eck Master and Mahanta holder,
"Had you [Harji] accused me of stealing 2,000 no one would
have believed it. However you and your associates came up
with the Big Lie of $2,600,000, it took in the gullible
the too-trusting and those inclined to believe the worst
interpretation first..... You had no facts to back up
your story. The same goes for the other "whoppers" told
about me."
(October 14, 1989)


Sri Darwin Gross, the former Eck Master and former Mahanta
title holder, writes:
"16,000 copies of the original LETTERS TO GAIL were printed in
1983. You [Harji] had these shredded, to make way for the
black magician version. It was a great waste and a spiritual crime."
(from Darwin's letter to Harold Klemp, page 7, October 14, 1989)


Writes Sri Darwin Gross, the former Eck Master and Mahanta
title holder, to Sri Harji:
"Instead of fessing up to bigger and bigger lies, you claim
a familiarity with Paul totally lacking. . . You imply an
intimate knowledge of Paul [Twitchell] which you lack. . .
The pseudo LETTERS [note: here Darji is talking about volume
3 of LETTERS To GAIL which was highly edited and included
"added" material by Harji and crew] blatantly contradict the
original text and are a sneaky fraud on both the membership
and the public at large. . . THESE DISGUSTING LIES
Sidebar: Wow, these Eck Masters sure know how to extend that
Ek courtesy of giving honorifics. I am surprised that the Sugmad
didn't have these two EK Masters sit down at the Retz Cafe on
Venus and talk their differences out. I hear the HERBIE cafe across
the street serves a mean BRAIN burger and a LIVER that's to die
for (pun intended).
Here's an ECK Koan: If two ECK MASTERS cannot get along, then
what are the prospects for chelas on first year discourses?
Maybe Darji and Harji should go East of Eden and pound the Drums of
Ek together in order to get the Tiger's Fang out of their bad vibes.


The Battle of the Eck Masters:

Sri Darwin Gross, the former Living Eck Master and
Mahanta title holder, weighing in at over
300 pounds, looking a bit hefty, wheezing, and
living in Oregon


Sri Harold Klemp, the present Living Eck Master and
current Mahanta title holder, weighing in at less
than 150 pounds, looking slim, not wheezing, but having
some difficulties with computer lines, and living in

Writes Sri Darwin Gross to Harji:

"Your fear of meeting me face-to-face is unseemly and has
much to hide [sic]. I challenge you to meet me to resolve
these problems like men of good will. . . Bearing false
witness against another is contrary to all ethical
religious standards. It violates the Godlen Rule to
honor thy neighbor as thyself. Nor can you fool all the
people all of the time. God is not mocked."

[Sidebar: I wouldn't want to wrestle Darwin, since one
scissor hold by the big boy and it could be astral plane
here I come.]

more to come in the continuing ECK-SPORT, where
Eck Masters show how much the Sugmad has helped them
in their inter-personal relationships, especially with
former and present Eck gurus.


Writes Sri Darwin Gross, former Living Eck Master and Mahanta
title holder, to his successor, and present living Eck Master:
"Your rewriting of Paulji's work is, in the words of Niranjan
>from  the Tiger's Fang "LEWDNESS IN THE CATHEDRAL." Paulji warned
again and again against the danger of occult arts.... In defiance
of this warning you have interjected dark arts into the works
of Paulji. Lacking the courage to sign your own name, you have
concealed evil instructions under the good name of Sri Paul
(Sidebar: Even Steve R. hasn't called Lane lewd [not yet at least])
Nice to see Darji demonstrating that fine Ek trait of civility and
politeness. What an example to strive for on A.R.E., huh?


Writes Sri Darwin Gross, former Ek Master and Mahanta title holder,
about Sri Harold Klemp, present Living Ek Master:
"I am determined to expose the CRIMINAL OCCULTISM you have planted
in his [Paul Twitchell's] works without so much as a word of
warning to the public. Nowhere do you disclose to unwary readers
what has been done through stealth."
(October 14, 1989)
Sidebar: geez, from lewdness to occult crime boss to imposter;
Darwin makes Steve's honorifics of me look amateurish. Maybe
Harji and I should get together and swap stories over a coke or
something. Then again, he might wear that Ek baseball cap and
really send me into the twilight zone..........


Sri Darwin Gross, former living Eck Master and Mahanta title
holder, writes:
"Membership fees intended for EK message distribution have been
wasted by unnecessary legal battles; by publishing PSEUDO versions
of Sri Paulji's works; by unconstitutional efforts to silence
critics; by punishing those who question what you are doing
against the originality and ethics of Paulji's works, and most
recently by the expensive planning for houses of worship."
(Page 13, October 14, 1989)
Sidebar: Hey, Darji, what about that million dollar lawsuit against
20 year old Jim Peebles? Was that "necessary"? And if you want to
talk about efforts to silence critics, try thinking of your
world-wide memo where you asked the membership to "destroy" SCP
You know it is getting late in the nite, when I start defending
Harold Klemp against Darwin Gross.
But Darji's claim for legal innonence is so patently absurd that
he should be called on the mat for it. But then Darwin's 300
plus pounds, so maybe I should not wrestle with the vibes boy.


It was fun to read the latest Mystic World by Harji concerning
Sudar Singh (more on that specific issue in a later post) and
But it is a bit disengaging to say that Paul Twitchell was never
really a scientologist.
I am looking right now at a copy of the ACADEMY OF SCIENTOLOGY
wherein it states how this academy will train you to be
a scientologist. It then lists the trainers for this academy.
In this brochure, which is dated from the 50s, it prominently
lists Mary Sue Hubbard, Rosina Mann, and guess who? Paul Twitchell.
Paul Twitchell is listed as the Counselor for the Academy and
part of the staff to make you a scientologist.
Nice try Harji, but no brain burger for the whitewash.

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