Eckankar, a subtle cult

By Raphael,

This is written in sincere support for those who are struggling with these issues

In the past when Eckankar has been accused of being a cult, I reacted by defending the teachings and believed without question the Living Eck Master when he said that Eckankar was not a cult. I didn't view any claims by other groups about Eckankar. I simply closed my mind to them. Now I am viewing this issue again, but this time allowing myself to see the issue without the filter of the Living Eck Master imposed upon my third eye. I am seeing that Eckankar is, and has been a subtle cult, whose spoken words are mild but whose written works demand allegiance to the Godman of Eckankar (Harold Klemp). Eckankar under the direction of Harold Klemp, publishes, disseminates, and supports threats of dire consequences for those who do not believe, and who may wish to leave the group. Hidden behind the meek exterior of the present Godman, Harold Klemp, is a tryrant & a dictator who uses Paul Twitchell's baldfaced megalomaniacal claims of the Living Eck Master's omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence to bolster his own position without the 'dirty' work of saying it himself. Yet Klemp is now making these very same claims directly. Here is some criterion used to classify cults. Following the criterion are quotes from Klemp and Twitchell that directly support the claims that Eckankar is a cult of giant proportions. The criteria that follows is from the book CULTS & CONSEQUENCES by Rachel Andres and James R. Lane .

Here are quotes by Klemp and Twitchell from the Eckankar discourses published by Eckankar that support the criteria used above to identify a cult. The bolded and italicized words are my emphasis. Words in parenthesis have been added to explain and clairfy the words proceeding them.

There are many more quotes which document the cult methods of Eckankar. Some of them can be viewed on Raphael's Recovery Room's Home Page under The Book Of Eckankar (tm) Threats.

Peace and growth,