The Story of Camille Ballowe

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Alt.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1996

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I recently read that Steve did not think highly of the person who
would track down Twitchell's first wife, Camille Ballowe (she later
got married again, hence the "Taylor" suffix).

What Steve and others apparently don't know is that I was asked by
Paul Iverlet, Kay-Dee's husband (Paul Twitchell's brother-in-law),
to talk with Camille.

Paul Iverlet had contacted Camille Ballowe and apparently Camille
wanted to talk with me directly on the phone. She also very kindly
sent me a letter about her association with Paul. I was 21 years old
and she was very straight forward in my conversations with her.

You see, I didn't know that Paul had been previously married before.
Most of the Eckists at that time whom I talked with also didn't
So Paul Iverlet connected me with Camille. I also got the chance,
due to Ed Pecen, Dr. Bluth (former President of Eckankar), and
others to talk with Paul Twitchell's childhood friends and friends
of his sister Kay-Dee.

Camille knew Paul for many years and she said to me that Paul never
went to India when she was with him (they were married in 1942). I asked her particularly about
1947, 1951, and other important dates. She was keenly aware of where
they both traveled and she repeatedly told me that Paul never left
the United States to visit India during any of that time. Moreover,
she did not resent Paul or his group. She stated simply what she
knew about their time together.

Unlike Paul, I found Camille's recollections to be consistent,
reliable, and empirically verifiable. As a witness her testimony was
confirmed by multiple sources.

Again, if you wish to believe that Sudar Singh exists and that Paul
Twitchell really did visit him on those reported dates (and in
contradiction with Camille), just provide some documentation.

None of this would matter, of course, if there was just one reliable
source of documented information on Sudar Singh.

We don't have one iota of evidence;
we have instead Twitchell's story--a story that is contradicted by
his wife, Camille, by his brother-in-law, Paul Iverlet, and by
Twitchell's own conflicting accounts.

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