Tipton's Views on Twitchell

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Alt.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1996

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Another view of Twitchell's early life from a Newspaper account
not connected to David Lane:

In Tipton's 1982 article about Twitchell (and very informative
about his early life and completely unrelated to my own study)
he writes the following:

"John Howard Twitchell [says} 'It's a good thing my daddy wasn't
living; he would have beat the hell out of him [Paul Twitchell]"


Because Twitchell lied about his family history.

Further in the article (please remember this is Wilson's piece
and not mine--they are unrelated):

"Mattie Twitchell vigorously defends the family integrity while
making it abundantly clear that she regards Paul [Twitchell] as
the black sheep. She will get down the family Bible to show you
the listing that Jacob Paul Twitchell was born in 1910, three years
after her husband, and obviously named for his father."

Further on the article states:

"Paul was in and out of Paducah after leavng college,' Mrs.
Twitchell said. 'He was here during the 1937 flood. I never
knew of him making a living. When he started writing, Camille
had to correct everything he wrote."

Further on:

"Paul was born in Paducah," she says. "It wasn't true that he
EUROPE WEREN'T TRUE [my emphasis]. I don't know what his parents
would have thought had they been living when all these books came

(see the article via micro-film for more details)

More to come......

This is Wilson's piece, not Lane's and was conducted by the 
newspaper reporter in Kentucky.

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