Eck Master cautions students

By Raphael,

An analysis of 4 quotes from Satsang 4, # 5 by Harold Klemp

There have been discussions on a.r.e. recently about quotes from the Eckankar works being taken out of context. Claims of this have been made about Raphael's Recovery Room. A recent letter written to Harold by former Eck member Pietro, which is now posted on the NEURAL SURFER, also quotes the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. Discourse #5 of The Eck Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series, by Harold Klemp, contains a warning from the Mahanta, the Living Eck Master. Whether this warning is directed to Pietro, Raphael, or to perhaps other initiates unaware of each other's identity remains unknown. The four quotes show Harold's claim that he resides in the highest consciousness on earth, caution against interpreting quotes to one's own end, and the possible results of 'harrassing' Klemp. You decide what Klemp means by the following quotes. Your opinions are welcomed. Please post them to A.R.E. so that we may all share in your insights.

I've included the first two quotes to show the extent of the claims that Klemp makes about himself. Why does a Master need to make such claims? What has it got to do with spirituality? Where is the love for God here? The third quote seems to warn, in an even handed way, about the misuse of quotes from Klemp's writings and the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. Who is to say though, whose mental tubes are crooked? Isn't it all relative? I do not understand Klemp's last sentence of the quote; it's purpose in the paragraph? Do you? And finally in the fourth quote Klemp was writing about an experience where Fubbi Quantz tested him 9 years before Harold took the Rod of ECK Power to see if Harold could handle the 'powerful vibrations' that accompany the Rod of ECK Power. In the quote Harold not only mentions that he needed to find methods of defense from coworkers 'harassments' but he goes on to add that they had, by the way, experienced some reaction (pain? suffering? termination of employment?) to Klemp's defenses which brought them much grief. It struck me unusual that a Master would so desire to point out the suffering of others, especially at his hand. Is this a veiled threat, or an obvious warning? Does critique and analysis equal harassment? What do you think? Why does Harold tell the newcomer on Eckankar's Official Web Site that the Living Eck Master is a mere 'guide', while he states to the long-time Eckists that he, the Living Eck Master, is SUGMAD(God) on earth (from discourse # 3,the Eck Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series) ?

Shared with you while on my journey of truth, in the light and love of the creator,

Peace and growth,