Spamming and Name Calling

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Alt.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1996

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I want to go back to the home base now.

I enjoyed Richard's listing of various books that Twitchell may
have encountered or "skip" read (Paul's terms) during the 60s or

The list appears to be partially drawn from the books mentioned

I will point out one mistake on Twitchell's part and a curious one
at that:

When talking about Sar Bachan as "practically" his bible, Twitchell
makes the interesting mistake of getting the author completely

He mentions Seva (Sewa) Singh as the author when in fact it was
Seth Shiv Dayal Singh (Swami Ji Maharaj or Soamiji Maharaj--there
are variant spellings given, depending on the translation and
edition)), the founder of Radhasoami.

Seva (Sewa) Singh was the translator/editor......

Guess who also helped him in that volume?

Julian P. Johnson.

Considering that Twitchell had such a high regard for the book,
Sar Bachan, I find it ironic that he got the author wrong.

Oh well, the hazards of "skip" reading........


I am enjoying the latest spamming and name-calling by
Nathan and Steve R.

>From  Hitler to Kal, from Hypocrite to Heathen, from 
Psychic Manipulator to Creature from the Lower Worlds,
>from  Bad Researcher to Unspiritual Person, from Unethical
Sociologist to Weasel....... and the list continues to

Such glowing honorifics convince me more and more of
the power of a simple term paper.

This past year I have received nearly 8,000 emails related
to Eckankar--some nice, some inquisitive, some angry, and
some death threats. But what a delightful stew of ideas.

And the really intriguing part is that no matter how
many beautiful honorifics can be adjoined to my name,
there are now hundreds, nay perhaps thousands, of pro, 
neutral, and anti Eckists who now have the resources to
actually see

1. Did the Twitch really plagiarize? (just get a copy of
Johnson's work and discover new ones for yourself)

2. Did the Twitch really lie about his biography (just
read his early articles, get his driver's license, death
certificate, marriage certificates (there are two of them)
read his "official" biography, read Harji, read Darji, and
then draw up a comparison chart). New contradictions and
lies can be discovered by even novices.

3. Did the Twitch really cover-up his past associations
with certain teachers? (Get those Orions, get those letters
>from  Kirpal, get those tapes of them together, get those
photographs, get those initiation papers, get thos "forged
documents"?--oh yea, so much fun to see the intertwining
duplicity and to realize that it still goes on.

4. Hey, was Darwin really taking money? (read Darji directly,
read about the Black Magicians, read Harji, read the
court documents, read the settlements).


and the list goes on...................

The beauty, though, is that all of the above (plus more)

can be discovered and recovered by believer, non-believer,
or by the guy who is just browsing.....

The cat is out of the bag and there is no way of enticing
the kitty to sit once again in a dark region.

So keep up the doubts and the rips.

It is the single most conducive way to find out more
about the Twitch......................


a most grateful
Heathen pagan,

whose work Eckankar
requested be
"destroyed" on sight
and who was apparently
described by Paul Twitchell
as a negative force from the
beginning of time (or the
formation of the lower worlds,
depending on which one came first)
bent to attack the true teachings
of ECk................

And to think that it all started with
a term paper at CSUN................

I was called "KAL" when I was barely 21 and
I have been called worse on this newsgroup
at the age of 40.

And I find the whole endeavor tremendously
liberating, since the free exchange of ideas
on Eckankar will ultimately demonstrate that
not only did Twitchell plagiarize, lie, and
deceive, but that gullibility and the willingness
to legitimize almost anything is still alive
in the human spirit.

P.S. Protect those children Nathan and don't read this
post......... The Kal boy is on the Net.

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I want to go back to the home base now.