Rebazar Tarzs Surfs Baja

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Gakko Came From Venus
Publication date: forthcoming

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Or How I Found Rebazar Tarzs on a Surf Trip to Baja

I think Johnson's comments on occultation are right on the mark. By claiming that a master such as Rebazar Tarzs still resides in the Himalayan mountains adds an incredible charm to the whole subject--it also provides the logical possibility that a would-be Eckist (not dissimilar, I should add, to the would-be SRF member and his relation with Babaji) can direclty encounter Rebazar Tarzs right now. However, readers on this group must certainly be aware that Rebazar Tarzs, as such, does not exist. He is, as we have stated repeatedly, a cover name for a whole series of gurus--which one, of course, depends upon Twitchell's writing mood at the time (to confirm this, just listen to Paul's early tapes on Rebazar--in one instance he completely forgets who Rebazar Tarzs is until an audience member refreshes his memory; apparently Twitchell was writing so swiftly he started forgetting who he was inventing and naming) Now I am not absolutely certain how Twitchell came up with the name "Rebazar Tarzs" (a friend of mine, Brian Walsh, claims that it is derived from a similar sounding name in a Tibetan Yoga book), but I have one very sneaky suspicion. As I often do I go down to Baja for surfing trips. A couple of years ago as I was heading down south to surf a relatively secluded spot called "Quatro (sp.) casas" (four houses), I noticed to my amazement a highway sign which said "Rebasar Tars". Now I should add that Twitchell used to live in San Diego and Del Mar (both very close to the Baja border). I would not put it past the Twitch to have simply coined the name from one of his trips (with Gail presumably) to Baja. Now if this is too outrageous, just think of the following names: "Jagat Ho" (a cross between "Jagat Singh"--the late Beas master--and a famous cracker "Hi Ho"?????). "Gakko"--the master who brought the true teachings from the planet Venus. Hmm, reminds me of "Gekko" (since this was prior to the star on the soap opera, General Hospital, I am assuming that this is a cross between some master and some creature that hangs on ceilings). And how about "Fubbi Quantz" (my personal favorite). Seems partially derived from a popular Disney movie, if I am not mistaken ("Son of Flubber. . . which leads to Flubby. . . which leads to Fubbi--I am just making these connections as I go along). "Yaubl Sacabi"--- (if my pronounciation of the first name is correct, this is the Twitch's first honest name--- "Ya Bull" (or, "yes this a bull"---but since nobody is going to check these people out historically, I should just keep coming up with off-the-wall names; it adds lure, it adds mystery, it adds money.) Now all of the preceding should not be cited seriously, but it does make you begin to wonder. Where did Twitchell come up with these names? I have my own answer--from a vivid imagination, which was fueled by his extensive reading, his criss-cross travel, and his proclivity for misspelling and mis-dating historical names. Couple this with the desire to coverup, mislead, and to mystify and you get....... the vairagi masters. Even Twitchell's spiritual name "Peddar Zaskq" has the earmarks of a word game; "Dap Ren"--- or "Wah Z" (sound like the grand "Wah Zoo"). I don't mean to be disrespectful. However, my sense is that it was exactly Twitchell's intention to consciously dis----respectful (to history, to dates, to books, to facts) which has mislead all of us to believe that Eckankar is more than what most outsiders suspect it is. Now the counterargument is that we begin to have visions of Rebazar. Well, we been through this before---anybody can have visions of anybody whatsoever (even if the characters are not historically real or genuine residents of the astral plane).

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