Klemp breaks The Law of the ECK

By Raphael


This is written in sincere support for those who are struggling with these issues

Within the first six discourses of the ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series, Harold Klemp invokes Paul Twitchell's name 52 times. He seems to have overlooked 'The Law of the ECK' which Paul Twitchell wrote of in the ECK Satsang Discourses, Second Series. The ECK Satsang Discourses, Second Series, are still published by ECKANKAR and are included in their study program in Year 10. Klemp does not mention 'The Law of the ECK' once within Satsang 4. And with good reason as I shall describe below.

Here is 'The Law of the ECK' by Paul Twitchell:

In light of 'The Law of the ECK' how are we to view Harold Klemp? Klemp claims to the the Living ECK Master yet he has repeatedly broken 'The Law of the ECK' set down by his master; the master to whom he refers to 52 times in his current discourse series. How has he broken 'The Law of the ECK'? The following quotes from The ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series, by Harold Klemp, will show Klemp's continual disobediance to 'The Law of the ECK' to which, as Twitchell points out, even the ECK Masters are subject to.

QUOTES from The ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series, By Harold Klemp (1996) followed by a comment from Raphael. (words in parenthesis are added for clarification)

  • "The pretenders of truth, the clergy in the orthodox religious orders, take pains to discredit a God Conscious individual, because his spiritual refinement is a threat to their office. They make fun of Soul Travel or make believe that they were the inventors of it. The truth of the Sound Current is pushed into the safe prision of primitive Christian origins that are nearly two thousand years old. Their naivete is masked by grave warnings to be on the watch for wolves in sheep's clothing. They are somewhat like the Wizard of Oz, who ruled his kingdom by the illusion of power and knowledge. Instead he was only a senile, though good-hearted, old man who was practically in his second childhood." - page 4

    Raphael's Comment: This comment is hurtful to clergy of various faiths. Klemp blames and accuses without examples if that would make any difference. It wouldn't because 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "No one can imagine the resistance that he (Klemp) encounters from his own people (eckist), because, in their ignorance, they do not see the great love that he carries for them." - page 5

    Raphael's Comment: This is a mean statement, sure to injure those Eckists with low self-esteem. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "Despite the shortcomings of talents that are your (reader of the discourse) tools, he (Klemp) will nevertheless require you to use and develop them..." - page 5

    Raphael's Comment: Another critical statement which runs the risk of harming the Eckists. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "So many see the outer things the Master does and envy him, They look to what seems to be the adulation of the masses, and this pleases them to see how they might do in his place. None of them can withstand the onslaughts against his body and person unless conditioned by a thorough study program in the spiritual works of ECK." - page 5

    Raphael's Comment: Claiming that others are envious of you is finding fault. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "So many (eckists) are impatient with their progress through the ECK initiations. Their ego says that their strength is equal to that of a lion, but it is all foolishness." - page 5

    Raphael's Comment: Klemp criticizes the impatient Eckists, and faults them for the 'foolishness' of their egos. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "In this discourse I will talk about the hardships that the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master puts up with so that people in the human consciousness can rise upward in spirit. You would truly be wonderstruck at the complaints from initiates in regard to the call of service to ECK. People want spiritual advancement but are too selfish and lazy to work for it. Earth is for them a garden that is to serve their whims in plenty." - page 7

    Raphael's Comment: Klemp blames others for their lack of accomplishments. He criticizes initiates who voice their pain and grief. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "The silver cord has been severed for the bodies of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, even to the extent that the recent offshoots of ECK, such as the Sant Mat groups, have so little of the spiritual essence in them that one could spend a lifetime in them and not see any real results . This is not to say that only people in ECK will find enlightenment, but the members of the orthodox groups find it despite their church. If their future depended upon the nourishment that is in the bibles of men, they would starve in spirit." - page 8

    Raphael's Comment: Klemp criticizes the bibles of men, and the orthodox churches. Has Klemp forgot that the churches are made of of people, and that the bibles of men were written by people? 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "Spiritual liberation, the model upon which the churches established their concept of salvation, is not entrusted to the priestcraft, for they have no knowledge or experience with the Audible Life Stream. The are the pretenders of truth who mislead the seeker in order to develop his discrimination as to what is right or wrong." - page 8

    Raphael's Comment: Klemp attacks the priestcraft, accusing and blaming them to be the pretenders of truth. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "The reason behind the bickering is that these individuals (certain eckists) are more into self-service than into living the ideal of the great saints who have walked the earth before them, such as Rebazar Tarzs, Peddar Zaskq, Sardar Lhunpo, or Fubbi Quantz." - page 8

    Raphael's Comment: Harold criticizes certain Eckists as self-serving, and points out the bickering that is occuring. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "These people (certain eckists), those who think only of what they can get out of ECK, are obstructions to the mission of the Master." - page 8

    Raphael's Comment: Direct blame and criticism of his own followers. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "Why do the Adepts of the Order of the Vairagi put up with the insolence of the candidates who stand on the threshold of the path? Somebody who has gotten to this area of the secret doctrine has demonstrated, under the fire of spiritual tests, that the Spiritual Eye is awakening." - page 8

    Raphael's Comment: Harold points out the fault of candidates on the 'threshold' of the path. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "Paul made another point that bears a close look: 'ECKANKAR will not work only as Soul Travel; but it must be known as religion.' This raises the hackles of some ECKists when they read but half the message of the Shariyat."- page 9

    Raphael's Comment: Klemp criticizes whole groups of Eckists as only reading half the message, and points out their negativity (hackles). 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "These are the introverted chelas I mentioned earlier in this letter. They have turned the spiritual energies in upon themselves" - page 9

    Raphael's Comment: A direct maligning and criticism of certain Eckists. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "They hold forth the outworn idea that truth should be passed directly from Master to disciple in a remote ashram.That is wishful thinking. If the methods of old were used by the ECK Masters today, it is certain that only a handful of persons would ever have heard of ECK. You can see behind the facade of these people because they are strongly opposed to any changes at all. They feel that their resistance to better ways of putting the ECK writings before contemporary society is a pure desire to keep the original message clean and unsullied. You'll hardly find a more self-righteous group as an obstacle to the Mahanta's mission." - page 9

    Raphael's Comment: Harold criticizes the self-righteous group of Eckists standing in God on Earth's way. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "Those who pay lip service to the spiritual exercises by giving them a cursory trial complain that ECK does not work for them. Therefore, something is wrong with the program.True to the mold of the loser, failure in their life is always the fault of somebody else. They seldom take responsibility for what they do, and what they do is done in a halfhearted and sloppy way." - page 9

    Raphael's Comment: Harold must be angry about something. This RIP against Eckists is pointedly critical. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "The simplicity and power of the ECK initiations are, in comparison with orthodox baptism, a thing of beauty and wonder. The murky intercession of the priest, who does nothing at all of a spiritual service, is ignored. The Mahanta, has both the power and authority to link up Soul with the almighty ECK Stream." - page 15

    Raphael's Comment: Another extreme RIP by the RIPmeister Harold Klemp. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "You'd be surprised how many initiates cannot hear the Mahanta's words that speak softly behind the writings of the outer volumes of The Shariyat." - page 16

    Raphael's Comment: Make your point Harold. This is just a subtle criticism of your initiates. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "They do not have the necessary phone line with the Inner Master. Consequently, they become rigid about the letter of the law and forget its spirit. But nobody can tell them this, because they are so fixed in their own great self-image." - page 16

    Raphael's Comment: Once again ignoring 'The Law of the ECK', Klemp tells certain Eckists that they are rigid and vain. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "Letters still cross my desk from people who juggle the meaning of Paul's January 1971 Illuminated Way Letter. He said that the next Mahanta would be along in about fifteen years, and that he might appoint an ECK Master to serve in the interim until the appointment of the next Mahanta. They count their fingers like monkeys in a zoo, scratch their heads, and lay their lack of success with the spiritual exercises to an outer cause." - page 16

    Raphael's Comment: Monkeys? In a zoo? Remember 'The Law of the ECK' states that one should never hurt the feelings of anyone, man or ANIMAL (eck monkeys included). 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "The real reason is that they neglect the self-disciplines asked of them: the Law of Silence about their conversations with the Mahanta, the steady drill of contemplation, one of the Friday fasts, and the monthly reports to the Master." - page 16

    Raphael's Comment: Blame and hidden shame in the words of the self-proclaimed God on Earth. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "From the very start, such an individual is besieged by people who claim he owes them something for the spiritual progress he had made in ECK. Paul addressed a Higher Initiate on the history of his own initiations. The chela had doubts about Paul's training under the ECK Masters and wanted to know if there was truth in the charges that Paul had gotten initiations from masters in paths that were offshoots of ECK.

    "Paul restated the fact that as a young man he got the First Initiation from Sudar Singh. The second came from Rebazar Tarzs, and the Rod of ECK Power was passed to him in 1965 by Rebazar.

    Paul said, 'I have not had any other initiations from anyone, and even if it were so, they would be worthless because only the ECK Masters can give initiations. Any other initiation is like a baptism.'

    On September 9, 1971, just days before his translation, Paul wrote to Kirpal Singh ion Delhi, India, that he never recognized him as a Master, or that he could give initiations, and his work was not in the best interest of spirituality.

    Your teachings are orthodox, and as a preacher you are not capable of assisting anyone spiritually. Even your titles always seem fabricated,' said Paul.

    Singh was guilty of trying to hold Paul in psychic bondage. Records that claimed to show that Paul was a member of Singh's ashram were further declared to be forgeries, as were papers with Paul's supposed signature. No more did Paul want to get threatening mail or suffer other harassments.

    This exchange of correspondence points to the barrage of criticism that is thrown at one who enters into the state of the Mahanta Consciousness." - pages 20-21

    Raphael's Comment: This whole story, even if the correspondence is true and is on file, and verifiable, is critical, unkind, and obviously self-serving. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "The Law of Economy, then, works whether anyone knows of it or not. The spiritual bumbler is always at odds with it, and he has a host of personal problems for which he finds no relief. Bad habits lock him into the same behavior that brought trouble in the first place, and so the cycle of trouble goes on." - page 21

    Raphael's Comment: Come now Harold, bumbler? Did you forget sloppy, ignorant, half-hearted, monkey, losers, etc. Better pull out your 'put-down' thesaurus and review it. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "Others wallow in self-pity, blame others, and stumble blindly with a heart of sorrow. The law accepts no excuse for failure, and the Lords of Karma are a still lower examaple of its manifestation. They are the authors of the Book of Life, the Mental Place record of all deeds done by each person, from birth to death, in both the Physical and Astral worlds. The Law of Economy reaches to the top of the Mental Plane but no farther than that." - page 22

    Raphael's Comment: Is this kind? Harold blames others for blaming others, and criticizes those wallowing in self-pity, those souls in need of COMPASSION not CRITICISM. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken. (What are you so angry about Harold?)

  • "The ECKshar will balance the spiritual forces in an individual (eckist), but if he persists in old mental habits and behavior, he will be no better off than the man on the street." - page 22

    Raphael's Comment: Who is the man on the street? 99.99999% of humanity who are not initiates of Eckankar. This criticism of the 'everyman' is subtle but real. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "A Master is a diplomat, but he must be able to call a spade a spade. He must be honest with everyone and tell exactly who and what is making a problem - and do this without beating about the bush. His entire development has followed the line of gaining the fullest love for ECK." - page 24

    Raphael's Comment: Now how can a master (Harold?) tell exactly who and what is making a problem without finding fault and blaming someone either to their face or behind their back? 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.

  • "For me, the rod noted the hostile conditions in the Las Vegas printing department where I worked at the time. There was a need to equip me with defenses against the harassments of coworkers there - which was done, by the way, much to their grief." - page 29

    Raphael's Comment: Much to their grief? Seems Klemp is happy that his ex-coworkers felt pain. 'The Law of the ECK' has been broken.


Because of Klemp's clear and repeated breaking of 'The Law of the ECK', it behooves all Eckists to call for his removal from the position he holds in name only and not in truth, the Living ECK Master. As Rebazar Tarzs states in Stranger By the River:

  • "Do not listen to one who preaches or acts with evil, lest you should bring about thy own undoing, for the fault lies within thyself for listening to that teacher. Open thyself to receive evil and in doing so become one with him who preaches evil. Yea, I tell you, that it is true there are rogues even among the spiritual orders, but it is thy fault if you will find favor with them. Use thy discrimination and mingle only with the good. Then you purify thyself!" - Rebazar Tarzs, as recorded in Stranger By The River by Paul Twitchell.

Peace and growth,

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