Dr. Bluth & Paul Twitchell

Transcriber: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Alt.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1994

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Excerpted from a letter by Dr. Louis Bluth, former President of Eckankar, one-time follower of Sawan Singh, and Paul Twitchell's personal doctor when the Eck leader died in 1971:

Date: June 19, 1980

My wife and I opened the first Eck class in Sun City, Cal. I personally treated Paul [Twitchell] many times and was the main speaker in Cincinnati when he passed away. Paul was a sincere student in the beginning and I considered him honest. Problems between him and his wife Gail led him to believe she was going to leave him and he desperately wanted to keep her. So when she demanded more money and better living, he started to write things and copy from other books. He [Paul Twitchell] borrowed my books on Radha Soami and copied a large share from them. I helped him write the Herb book and went to Riverside University and took Sanskrit, so basically much of the material is good because it is copied. I confronted him [Paul Twitchell] with what he had done and his answer was "since the author the book said it better than I could I copied it." The trouble is that he never gave anyone credit as to where he got it.

As far as Darwin {Gross} is concerned, my opinion is that he is a fake as a Master. I don't think that a Master would divorce his wife and seek many other female companions.

Signed: Louis Bluth, M.D.

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