Lane's Motives?

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Alt.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1996

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Thanks again for your analysis of why I write what I do on Eckankar.

I have responded to this before, but you somehow think that I am
writing on Eckankar because I think there is one true shabd path out
there and it is my mission to show all the others as imposters.

If that were the case (and it is not), then why would I write two
clearly show a contrarian light on the teachings of shabd yoga?
(For a good example, read what I say about Shiv Dayal Singh in
chapter one.)

You seem to forget that THE UNKNOWING SAGE is regarded as a
"heretical" book in traditional shabd yoga circles. I was even asked
not to publish it by very prominent gurus in India.  It is a book
for which I have taken tremendous heat.

The same holds true for THE RADHASOAMI TRADITION, a book which has
generated a number of nasty letters from India. This book too I was
asked repeatedly not to publish.

Why do I have almost all of Paul O'Brien's writings prominently
displayed on my website? Paul O'Brien, in case you forgot, is an
Atheist, who doesn't believe there is a God or life after death.
I have more articles by Paul O'Brien than any other writer on my

What you consistently fail to understand in analyzing my motives is
that researching Eckankar is just plain fun.

Yea, people are helped, but it is also a kick to play detective on a
religious founder who hid so much.

Like I have said many times before, my harshest critics are from
India, not from Eckankar.

Read Paul O'Brien's Gentle Godlessness or Faqir Chand's
Autobiography--both are different in their ways, but both are highly
critical of traditional Indian mysticism.

What's my motive there?

I look forward to your future psycho-biographies of me.


Freud's friend

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