Harji on Kirpal Singh

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Alt.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1996

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Cited from Harold Klemp:

"Paul restated the fact that as a young man he got the First
Initiation from Sudar Singh. The second came from Rebazar Tarzs,
and the Rod of ECK Power was passed to him in 1965 by Rebazar. 

Paul said, 'I have not had any other initiations from anyone, and
even if it were so, they would be worthless because only the ECK
Masters can give initiations. Any other initiation is like a

On September 9, 1971, just days before his translation, Paul wrote
to Kirpal Singh in Delhi, India, that he never recognized him as
a Master, or that he could give initiations, and his work was not
in the best interest of spirituality. 

'Your teachings are orthodox, and as a preacher you are not capable
of assisting anyone spiritually. Even your titles always seem
fabricated,' said Paul. 

Singh was guilty of trying to hold Paul in psychic bondage. Records
that claimed to show that Paul was a member of Singh's ashram were
further declared to be forgeries, as were papers with Paul's
supposed signature. No more did Paul want to get threatening mail 
or suffer other harassments. 

This exchange of correspondence points to the barrage of criticism
that is thrown at one who enters into the state of the
Mahanta Consciousness." - pages 20-21, The Eck Satsang Discourses,
4th series, Harold Klemp.


This is exactly the kind of rhetoric which I encountered
when saying something quite simple: Paul Twitchell had a ten
year plus association with Kirpal Singh.

The very fact that Klemp can rehash this trumped up charge
of "forgery" is very curious indeed.

Just read what Twitchell says about Kirpal Singh in his
original article, THE GOD EATERS.

Twitchell himself states that the story of his trip through
the inner regions, as recounted in THE TIGER'S FANG, was

I have personally seen the papers.

I am very curious on how this charge of forgery can be
recirculated when it is obvious (just by Twitchell's own
writings) that Paul Twitchell was a long-time follower of
Kirpal Singh.

And if we are making an accusation of "forgery" I would be
very interested to know what was "forged"?

Twitchell's initiation papers?

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