The Problem With Brad Steiger's Time-line of Paul Twitchell

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Alt.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1996

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Twitchell's Travels to India and the Problems with Steiger's
Time-line as given in IN MY SOUL I AM FREE.

Brad Steiger, Twitchell's official biographer, writes in the famous
book, IN MY SOUL I AM FREE, that Paul first went to Paris, France at
the age of 15, just after he graduated high school. However, he had
to come abruptly home to attend the death of his mother, Effie. Paul
Twitchell then went back to Paris and then on to India.

Steiger says Twitchell was 16 when he was at Sudar Singh's ashram in

Steiger further says that Twitchell spent over a year with him.


Here it comes:

1. "Wilson Gantt, dean of admissions and registrar, says the
school's records show Twitchell graduated from Tilghman High School
in Paducah in May 1931 and entered Murray that September. He
remained a full-time student until March of 1933." (Quoted from
Tipton's article on Twitchell).

Yet Twitchell claims in Steiger's book that he went to Paris after
high school and not onwards to college. 

Indeed, even when he came back from Paris he didn't go on to college
but back again to France and then onwards to India for a year.

Yet the official high school and college records of Paul Twitchell
show that this time-line, as illustrated in IN MY SOUL I AM FREE,
DID NOT occur.

What this means is that Twitchell NEVER took a year off, as he
claims, between High School and College. Indeed, right after he went
to Murray school he attended another College and registered in 1933
at the recorded age of 22.

Thus, given Steiger's narrative, the supposed trip of Twitchell's to

Paris and India COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED as it is retold IN MY SOUL

Rather, we know that Twitchell did not graduate at 15 like he
claims, but much older (anywhere from 18 to 22).

We know further, given Twitchell's account, that he lied about his
claim of going to India between high school and college.

We also know that he did not go to India at the age of 15 or 16.

Remember that Twitchell's mother died in 1940, making Paul at least
27 if not 28 or older.

And in the midst of all this


I think we should re-title IN MY SOUL I AM FREE.

New title?


P.S. What is the poor reseacher to do?

When you take Twitchell's narrative seriously it proves itself
contradictory and wrong.      

But all of that does not matter, some may protest.

That this does not matter, I would argue, is the biggest problem
confronting Eckankar and its future.

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