Be sure to check out the new Bodysurfer Club on Yahoo. Club started by Kaha Nalu. In conjunction with The Neural Surfer, we will explore the following areas: 1) the history of bodysurfing worldwide; 2) exhaustive listings of past and future contests; 3) in-depth profiles of the world's premier bodysurfers and wave spots; and 4) The Point Panic Pictorial, which will house photographs of empty waves and hydrofoiling mammals. In order to accomplish this task, we need your original input. If you have photographs that are worthy, or profiles that are well written, or you have something of value to add to the page, please e-mail The Neural Surfer at We hope to have our first profile finished this week. Thanks for your patience. Below are some profiles, but we need more. Also included are the results from the latest 1996 bodysurfing contests at Carlsbad.


FANTASY SEA (from Mak's to Yoko's to Underwater)


The Wedge Home Page (great pictures of Fred Simpson carving)

Picture Updates of Bodysurfing at the Wedge and Newport Beach

More pictures of the Wedge

List of Bodysurfing Contests in the USA

Important Link to Bodysurfing Contest Applications and New bodysurf homepage

The 1996 Carlsbad International Bodysurfing Championships, at South Ponto State Beach (The Final Results)

Profiles of the World's Finest Bodysurfers: Brad Miller

Profiles of the World's Finest Bodysurfers: Chris Lafferty

Profiles of the World's Finest Bodysurfers: Patrick Donahue

Profiles of the World's Finest Bodysurfers: Joseph Alexander Lane

Point Panic: vision one

Point Panic: vision two

Point Panic: vision three

Very good photographs of the WEDGE by the famous kneeboarder/photographer Ron Romanosky

Turtle Bay, North Shore, During a freak summer swell

Nectar Day for Bodysurfing

The Neural Surfer with Patrick Donahue after advancing to the Finals

The Neural Surfer with Finalists of the 1993 International Bodysurfing Championships

The Neural Surfer at Waimea Bay, two hours before a freak Northwest Swell hit the Island in the Summer

Surf Movie

Secret Spot, Oncoming Set, Santa Ana Winds, and Nectarian

Side Profile of Right Tube, Same Day, Same Nectar

Secret Spot Waves: One

Secret Spot Waves: Two

Secret Spot Waves: Three

Secret Spot Waves: Four

Secret Spot Waves: Five

Rainbow generated by the offshore spray of a crashing wave. Magic from the same day

Same rainbow, thumb size

The Neural Surfer's favorite shot: thumb size

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

Wave 5

Wave 6

Wave 7

The Gift of Hawaii

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