Profiles of the World's Finest Bodysurfers

Patrick Donahue, Fall 1995, Orange County

Featured Bodysurfer: Patrick Donahue

Age: 40

Years of experience: 34 (started bodysurfing at Santa Monica Bay at the age of six)

Favorite spots: El Morro, Newport Beach, Zuma (drainpipe), and secret spots on Maui

Best contest results: 2nd place (anchor, relay team), Carlsbad International Bodysurfing Contest, August 1995; 2nd place (34-40 year old division; missed first place by one point!), Carlsbad International Bodysurfing Contest, August 1993)

Strengths: extremely fast in the water, especially going left; excellent wave knowledge; big cojones.....

Brief Biography: Born in the San Fernando Valley in May of 1955, Patrick Donahue (sometimes known as "P.D.") grew up bodysurfing at such places as Santa Monica ("the grill" and "T's"), Zuma Beach ("drainpipes"), and Newport Beach ("44th" and "56th" street). Even in his young teens he was a standout at Zuma Beach and was known then for his ocean knowledge and courage for taking off on huge closeout sets. Today, he is a well-established businessman with a family, who continues to bodysurf in the Orange County area. Always a contender in any contest he enters, Donahue scored the highest single wave in the finals of the team-relays at the Carlsbad International Bodysurfing Contest held in August of 1995.

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