Profiles of the World's Finest Bodysurfers

Brad Miller at Puerto Escondido in Fall 1996

Featured Bodysurfer: Brad Miller

Age: 41

Years of experience: Over 15 years (started bodysurfing in his twenties)

Favorite spots: 44th street in Newport Beach, Kaisers on the South Shore of Oahu, and Puerto Escondido.

Best contest results: 1st place Manhattan Beach International Bodysurfing Contest FOUR times; 3rd place at the World Bodysurfing Contest, and a finalist numerous times at Carlsbad's International bodysurfing Contest.

Strengths: exceptionally smooth spinners, with a unique hand/arm technique.

Brief Biography: Currently working as a Chiropractic Doctor in Orange County, Brad Miller was tutored in the finer aspects of bodysurfing by his longtime friend, Mark Thon, a Grand Master at the World Body Surfing Contest in 1991.

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