Carlsbad International Bodysurfing 1996

Transcriber: North County Times
Publisher: North County Times
Publication date: August 12, 1996

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Neural Surfer's Note: The conditions on Saturday were relatively clean, though the wind picked up in the afternoon for the quarterfinals. The surf was 2 to 3 foot, with larger waves every ten minutes or so. The shape was not very good and it was difficult to get long rides. Sunday morning was a bit smaller, though there were still sets to be had. The water got bumpy in the afternoon and the shape was dismal. Chris Lafferty , the first Grand Champion in the Carlsbad Event, was clearly dominant and smoked his final heat.

First Place (Boys 12-15): Tod Beights, Carlsbad, 42.5

First Place (Men 16-19): Justin Guerrero, Fountain Valley, 44.0

First Place (Men 20-26): David Ross, Newport Beach, 52.5

First Place (Men 34-40): Chris Lafferty, San Diego, 62

First Place (Men 41-49): Harold Handley, Encinitas, 50.5

First Place (Men's Masters): Gary Perkins, San Diego, 68.5

First Place (Women 12-29): Elizabeth Quintard, San Diego, 53.5

First Place (Women's Masters): Virginia Cartwright, New Zealand, 69.0

First Place (Relay): Team FUBAR, Cerritos, 81

Men's Grand Champion: Chris Lafferty, San Diego, 57.0

Women's Grand Champion: Virginia Cartwright, New Zealand, 48.0

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