Profiles of the World's Finest Bodysurfers

Joseph A. Lane, Summer, Del Mar

Featured Bodysurfer: Joseph A. Lane

Age: 44

Years of experience: 37 (started bodysurfing at Newport Beach and Del Mar)

Favorite spots: Del Mar, Point Panic, Sandy Beach, Zuma Beach

Best contest results: 2nd place (relay team), Carlsbad International Bodysurfing Contest, August 1995

Strengths: proficient at underwater take-offs, keeps his back to the wave and stays high, courage in big waves

Brief Biography: Brought up in the San Fernando Valley, Joseph was groomed on such breaks as Santa Monica, Corral, and Zuma Beach. In his early teens, he bodysurfed the Wedge and 56th street on south swells. At thirteen years old he was riding ten foot plus waves (as measured from the backside). Known for his acumen in large surf, Joseph was one of the few bodysurfers to actually take off on the infamous 1972 summer swell that hit Zuma beach--a swell so large that the beach was closed by the Los Angeles County lifeguards. Perhaps Joseph's greatest claim to fame was when he bodysurfed Point Panic on an eight-foot swell along with two tiger sharks which were cruising the line-up. Instead of getting out of the water, Joseph simply used the shark's tails to hydrofoil in on the jetty....

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