The Third Part of An Abridged Transcription of

Truth Always Wins

by Baba Faqir Chand

Chapter 4

Before advising others I ask my own self, "O Faqir, for what have you created this web?" I was emotional in my early life. I had a keen desire to have communion with God or to attain liberation and Eternal peace. His Will or my deeds and samskara took me to the hallowed feet of Hazur Data Dayal Ji. He most compassionately initiated me to Sant-mat and directed me to follow certain principles.

I have spent my life to become a Faqir. Hazus Data Dayal Ji told me in a general Sat Sang at Sunam, "Faqir! Time shall change, religious thinking shall change, people would not like even my way of teaching, so you should change teachings before leaving your physical frame." But His Holiness did not tell me how to change the teachings. I invite your attention to the experiences on the basis of which I have modified the teachings.

You sleep and enter the state of dreams. You become furious in your dream and you beat somebody. In such a state, your body and hands move as if you are actually beating somebody. Many people walk in their sleep. You enjoy sex with a lady in your dream, and your semen gets discharged. Now you think it over. Actually there was none whom you were beating in your dream nor was there any lady, but simply your thoughts and samskars caused the movements in your body which resulted in the discharge. This is the most important point to be understood. If your unknown samskaras and unintentional thoughts can have this much effect on your body, what would be the result of your intentional and voluntary thoughts?

You have come here from far off places. I do feel my responsibility towards you. The afflicted people come to me. I have all sympathies for them. I cannot remove your sorrows and grief with any miracle. None can do it. All these so-called miracle-makers are big cheaters. It is not a miracle of any Guru, but your faith that works. An ailing man came to see me and requested me. "Baba Ji! Either treat me or kill me." He implored me again and again. In order to console him so that he might not trouble me again, I said, "You shall die within seven days." He believed it as final saying and died on the sixth day. Everywhere it is your belief and faith that work. I did not know that he would die in seven days, nor did I say this to him intentionally. But he believed that whatever Baba Ji had said was final and thus he died. As you think so you become.

I am a Faqir. I proclaim the Truth in the world. Learn to live a happy life and lovable life. If you nourish the thoughts of ill- will against each other in your family and carry on cold war, it will positively bring destruction to your family. Guru's duty is to tell you the truth and show you the right path. You are yourself responsible for your redemption by living a practical life. No other power shall help you in any way. If your mind is too restive and it originates evil thoughts, you must live in the company of such a person who who is self-realized. Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji had asked me to carry on this work of Sat Sang fearlessly. If I do not speak the truth and try to attract you for my name, fame, and wealth, what will you gain? You will become cheaters because I too am a cheater. If I do not tell you the truth, my samskaras shall pass on to you. My radiations shall influence you and you will become selfish and cheaters.

First of all, try to procreate noble children and then give them virtuous samskaras. Make your family life as happy as possible. Do not fight for wealth and property. Always remember that man's fate is just like a small container. You may fill it from any source of water, it will carry the same quantity of water. It will be neither less nor more. Why to make hue and cry? Live a contented life. Whatever you desire to get first, give to others. If you want wealth, then help the destitute with wealth. If you want respect and honor, show the same to others. This is the law of this illusive world where the principle of give and take works.

Chapter 5

While looking at the miserable plight of mankind. I had decided to speak on Satyamev Jayate (Truth Always Wins) or on those principles by following which we can lead a peaceful and happy life in the present circumstances. Grief-stricken people come to me. Couples with strained relations and complaints against each other come for my blessings. Some are widows and others are widowers. Issueless pine for pregnancy. Those who have issues are troubled by them. Many are destitutes. Here the wicked are rewarded whereas the noble and virtuous are punished. Under such circumstances, what is that principle which can bring peace to the suffering of humanity? Many great saints have been in this world. They too have suffered in their old age, though they have spent their life in Sumiran, Dhyana or Bhajan. A child of one year suffers from some disease, becomes an invalid and suffers throughout his life. Why? What is his sin? One has to accept that it is all the result of one's own deeds. If you do not believe in the philosophy of Karama (deeds) then you have to agree that the creator of this world is relentless.

Let us see what is the cause of these sorrows and agonies. There is only one solution to our sorrows, and that is to remain grateful to Him and live with patience. Live at His will. Do not sit idle. Make your efforts. But when your efforts are exhausted, you cannot do anything. You will have to surrender to His will.

I being a truthful man think, what help can I render to anybody? Today a doctor told me, "Baba Ji, I was a heart patient, but with your Parsad (Grace) I am now quite well." Many sterile women say that they have been blessed with children with my Parsad. But my own daughter who has been married for the last 18 years, and whom I have given Parsad many a time, still remains issueless. Now decide, what is the truth? Had there been any miraculous power in my Parsad, my daughter too would have been blessed with a child. Whatever you get, it si either your fault or your fate or it is your deed or belief. This is Satyamev Jayate. Do your duty sincerely. If you face any trouble then have patience. The reaction of certain actions has to be reaped. Your prayers and salutations would not save you from the result of their reaction. You may worship god and serve the Guru for years, you cannot avoid death. Saints resign to His will because they have this realization that whatever happens is either the result of our deeds or His will. I have sympathies for the afflicted. If somebody achieves something, it his faith. But he, in his ignorance, give all the credit to me and my Parsad. I am none to give anything. It is either your own actions or your own faith.

So Satyamev Jayate is to live with patience anbd contentment. You must do your best. But if you fail to acheive this aim, do no weep or curse yourself. Live at His will.