Thakar Singh Wants To Blindfold Children

Transcriber: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Circular
Publication date: early 1989

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The following are verbatim excerpts from Thakar Singh's 10/3/89 circular about blindfolding children. Keep in mind that Thakar Singh put his own signature to this world-wide memo....

Very dear expectant mothers-daughter of Light... [sic]

It is my wish you will be able to accept and understand what is wanted of my dearest children--mothers who are carrying God's souls within their bodies....

[Paragraph 5]

Upon the birth of the child, the mother and infant should become total renunciates. They are to live separate from others. Some other women may be able to help the mother with domestic duties, but the person should not be around the child at all. The child is only to have main contact with the mother. Even the father may only visit the child once a week, after having meditated for 12 hours. This is to keep all worldly radiations away from the child, so it may remain totally pure, as it was born to the mother in this state.

[Paragraph 6]

After the birth of the child, it is to have a soft, white cotton blindfold put gently over the eyes, so the infant will remain naturally inverted inside most of the 24 hours daily, up to the age of five years. The blindfold may be taken off when the mother is breastfeeding the child. She may look into the childn's eyes and he may look into hers. She should especially keep Simran at this time. This is the only eye contact that is allowed to or from the child (with exceptions of the visits from the father).

[Paragraph 9]

The mother may also play Indian Classical music to the child and do this with either placing an earphone in the right ear of the child (from birth on) or use stereo headphones. This may be done for four hours daily. The rest of the time, the child will automatically be in holy meditation, except while being fed and cared for.


Lovingly Yours,

Thakar Singh

[Lane's commentary: It's downright scary to me to think that there are children who have been brought up with this advice.... I am curious to know the results: schizophrenia? multiple personality disorder? severe social retardation? partial blindness? Oh yea, I almost forgot, enlightenment? (yea sure, Thakar, and how about putting some blindfolds on you for five years.... And since we are at, how about a muzzle and a chastity belt.... I am certain that would do a lot more good than your psychotic advice.... I know your women devotees would be saved a lot of heartache]

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