Thakar Singh and Inner Experiences at Initiation

Author: by an ex-initiate
Publisher: The NEURAL SURFER
Publication date: July 1997

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When I met Thakar, I had already had the opportunity to live with someone 
who was Kirpal Singh's first western disciple. Although I was not 
initiated in this path, I was allowed to meditate with her each night and 
found the experience profound - even overwhelming at times.

When I later was travelling in California, I happened upon an initiation 
with Thakar which I signed up for. Already knowing the basics about this 
initiation, I was stunned to see this man prime everybody for an 
experience instead of supporting them with having their own personal, 
unique experience. He would go on and on saying that if you went to this 
depth you would see this, or that or this or that. By the time he was 
done, I was "exhausted" from having tried to keep his concepts about what 
people should see when they meditate out of my consciousness.

At the end of the first round, he went around the room asking everyone 
what they had seen. I was the only person who had seen nothing. He looked 
shocked, took me into the other room and "put me into meditation" again. 
I was later asked to return to the room and he asked again what I had 
seen. I said that I had seen nothing. He looked a little stern and then 
told me to keep at it and eventually it would open up inside.

In the second round he proceeded to tell everyone what they would hear 
when they went inside themselves. Locomotive sound, crickets, birds, a 
bell etc etc. Once again I was dismayed by the hideous level of pre-sell. 
It was as if you were not "in" unless you saw and heard what he told you. 

As we went into meditation this time, I was pretty irked and found myself 
in an increasingly mischievous mood. This is not usual for me in the 
presence of a genuine saint but I had a sense that I was going to lose it 
with this guy. 
At one point, I took my fingers out of my ears which I had been 
instructed not to do until the end and noticed that I heard a peculiar 
repetitive sound in the room. 
Very carefully I looked up towards Thakar 
and I could not believe what I was witnessing...

At the end of this round, he went around the room again asking everyone 
what they had heard. When he got to me, he had a peculiar look of what 
looked like rather extreme attachment on his face. He asked me if I had 
heard anything during my meditation...

I answered "yes" which seemed to cause his whole face to relax. 
He then asked me what it was that I had heard...
I told him that around the middle of my meditation 
I was certian that I was hearing the sound of crickets chirping...

Ahhhh, he said looking very approvingly at me...

"However, as I listened more carefully, 
I could tell that it was not actually crickets at all..."

"Yes?" he said - "what was it?"

"Well, as I listened very carefully 
I realized that the sound I was hearing 
was the sound of someone very close by clipping his nails!"

Thakar proceeded to turn purple 
and very, very quietly let me know that this was not my path 
and it was a good idea that I leave now which I did happily.

When people are truly dedicated to the Divine...
there is no difference between action and prayer.
                                    Mother Meera

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