An Abridged Transcription of

Truth Always Wins: Satyameva Jayte

by Param Sant Param Dayal Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj


This book entitled Satyameva Jayte is a book of its own type that covers almost every detail this golden maxim "Truth Always Wins." His holiness Param Sant Param Dayal Pt. Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj delivered a series of discourses Satyameva-Jayte on the auspicious occasion of Baisakhi (April 1974). This book is the compilation of these very discourses.

By the grace of my Master, I was lucky enough to listen to all these discourses in person at Manavta Mandir Hoshiarpur. I beseeched my compassionate guide to approve the idea of giving these sermons the form of a book in English, so that the frank, bold and lofty ideas of His Holiness might reach the millions, who are badly in need of the sagacious, profound and practical words of His Holiness. My humble request was accepted my His Holiness.

The Saint of Manavta has defined Truth in this book. H.H. has dwelt of the subject, how Truth is victorious. The whole book revolves around this axis. In seven chapters of this book His Holiness has exposed the false Gurudom of today and has warned the ignorant devotees to be on their guard. The key to happiness in mundane as well as in supra-mundane life is also disclosed. This is not merely a treatise in the hackneyed phraseology of our ancient books, but a guide based on concrete and practical human experiences that His Holiness has experienced in his life of 87 years.

H.H. admits in all humility that He got the true knowledge from sat-sangis whom he addresses as true "Sat Guru" who lead him from illusion to reality. H.H. stresses on the purification of mind, thoughts and intentions. For a happy life one must live on fair and honest earnings. Without it one cannot think of joy or bliss in life. This book is full of solutions and suggestions for an ideal happy family life and spiritual life.

For those who have enjoyed the worldly life and have enough experience, the way to ultimate truth is explained in very simple words. The unintelligible mystery of life which beyond the scope of the intellect is also unfolded for the aspirants.

The role of a realize Guru in worldly and spiritual life is elaborated in very lucid and precise words. Indispensable characteristics for a real follower are also covered in the book. The pivotal point of the book is that none can escape from the reaction of his or her deeds. This is the "Satyameva Jayte."

The book is replete with a highly practical and sound philosophy of life. Perhaps it is for the first time in the history of mankind that a true saint of the time has raised a voice against the exploitation by the present Gurus in the name of religion. I hope that the learned readers of this book will appreciate the frankness and boldness of His Holiness and will give him due credit for opening the secret doors of spirituality of one and all in the world of stresses and strains.

The topic regarding the illusive nature of this world has also been covered in these sermons in detail. The way to understand this truth and to liberate oneself from this phantasmagoria is also explained without any reservations.

Bhagat Ram Kamal
Department of History, Govt. College Bilaspur (H.P.)
Dated August 18, 1974

Chapter One: Truth Always Wins

One the basis of my personal experiences and observations, I am expressing my views on the golden maxim "Only the Truth Wins" for the benefit of the common man. I do not claim that whatever I say is final. I have followed the path of Truth in order to reach a destination, a destination without any end.

The most important thing that is required in Practical Life is how to attain contentment, peace and bliss while living. I have spent my whole life in this very search. Now at this age of 87 I am expressing my own experiences.

I do not quote scriptures. I explain my personal experiences of physical, mental and spiritual realms in simple language. What is that truth by which we can attain happiness, prosperity, solace, courage and peaceful living? Man is constituted of three things: body, mind, and soul. Body represents gross nature, mind subtle nature, and soul the causal nature. Human mind is most restive and it never remains calm. It constantly originates multifarious thoughts causing joy and sorrow. The entire creation both "Maya" (mental creation) and "Chaya" (physical creation) is in fact the creation of the human mind. Until one does go beyond the mental regions, one cannot attain freedom from the duality of good or bad, sin or virtue, joy or sorrow, happiness or grief.

Now the question is, how to attain mental tranquility? In my view the company of a realized man who has himself won over his mind is indispensable. His company and his words can works wonder for you provided you have faith in him. From his company you can to a great extent free yourself from wrong notions, bad thoughts and destructive impressions. As your practical life is a by-product of your mental creations, the purity of thought and mind is the first and foremost necessity for a happy and blissful living. I may make it very clear here, that until a man realizes the truth and attains true knowledge, he may enjoy temporary Anand [Supreme Bliss] from Sat Sang. But such a man is likely to face a miserable downfall due to his destructive thinking and uncontrolled mind. So the second truth is the purity of thought and mind to attain the Supreme State of Bliss.

If Sat Sang (company of the realized man) gives only temporal Anand and not the Supreme Anand, and if there is a likelihood of one's downfall at any stage, what is the solution to attain mental purity, true knowledge and the supreme Bliss? I think its solution is inward practice (Sadhana). One should practice Sadhana and attain that state where thoughts or cravings originate. That state is known as the place of Bindoo (Zero) of Om, a state of thoughtlessness, "Mahasunna" or the Tenth Door. Even at this stage, mind generates evil or good thoughts. But here man can subdue his mind, if he so desires. So at the mental state, the application of the maxim "only truth wins" is the complete surrender of mind to the Guru and to follow his dictates with strong determination.

The word of the Guru merges the mind of a true aspirant into the ocean of thoughtlessness. It is correct that all religious books such as The Bhagvat Gita, The Ramayna, The Adi Granth, The Bible and The Quran have laid down principles to attain this state for mankind. But they are not applicable to all every individual. Every individual has his own nature according to his previous deeds, his present circumstances and external influences on his mind. So keeping in view this Truth, only a living Guru is the Supreme arbiter who knows what particular path would be useful and beneficial to a particular individual for making his life happy and blissful.

Only the Guru knows what a particular thought a particular man should entertain in his mind after having the experience of thoughtlessness (Nirvikalapa). By attaining this stage, the aspirant's mind becomes tranquil. And if he practices Sadhana without any aim, he is likely to fall and commit blunders due to external influences of his surroundings. Sadhana is not an end in itself. It is a mean to attain ultimate peace, solace, Bliss and the knowledge of the "Self." Those who do not undertake Sadhana with an aim of self-realization face a miserable downfall sooner or later. He who meditates on the center of "Om" must make further efforts to attain this state of thoughtlessness. In worldly life, too, if parents are wise, they must be obeyed for gaining happiness in this world. And for undertaking Sadhana of mental regions obedience to the Guru is most essential.

It is not advisable for every individual to follow the same path. To make the mind, its stages and its creations favorable, the greatest essential Truth is the Sat Sang of a realized man, love for him, faith in him and above all, obedience to his words. His guidance for attaining the state of thoughtlessness must be followed with determination, devotion and with regular Sadhana (Practice).

Entertain noble, virtuous and positive thoughts as initiated by the Guru. I had a keen desire to know the truth. Data Dayal Ji [Faqir Chand's Guru] led me through practical Sadhana in order to make me realize the Truth. Today, by His Grace, due to my own experiences and experiences of the Sat Sangis. I have been able to realize that "truth always wins."