The Faqir Chand Library: Issue One

Editor: David Christopher Lane
Author: Baba Faqir Chand
Publisher: MSAC Philosophy Group
Publication date: 1996

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Excerpt One

I know that the Guru is one's Supreme Ideal. However, many innocent women simply follow the bad example of Gurus who manipulate them. They touch the feet of Gurus who (in turn) exploit them (sexually). A woman Guru at least will not exploit their chastity.

Once, I was giving a discourse in a village near Hoshiarpur. I was speaking on "Ashta Padi" and I noticed one gentleman and a lady weeping. When the discourse ended that gentleman came to me and said "Baba Ji, I was weeping over my own deeds." I asked about his deeds. He narrated his story in these words, "Baba Ji, I used to sit by the side of a Guru and sing hymns. Foolish ladies used to bow at my feet as well as those of the Guru's. . . I have deprived many young girls of their chastity."

O my dear daughters, sisters, and mothers, I am very careful (and concerned) about you. Never go to any Sadhu to touch his feet. Do not touch his feet; do not touch their feet even if God Himself comes in the form of a man. My wife never touched the feet of my own Guru, Huzur Data Dayal [Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal], whom I worshipped believing Him to be God Incarnate. She used to bow to him from a distance.

Then I asked that lady why she was weeping in Satsang. She had scars on her hands and neck. I asked what had happened to her. She said, "My husband hurts me with a knife." I asked, "Why?" "Because I go to Beas to attend Satsang," she replied. "Why do you go there without the permission of your husband?" I asked her. She replied, "Baba Ji [this could mean either Sawan Singh or Charan Singh--the context is not clear] calls me." Then I asked her whether she receives any letters from Baba Ji. She said, "No, Baba Ji appears within and directs me to attend Satsang at Beas. My husband does not allow me to go, and thus I go stealthily. When I return, he injures me with a knife."

I told her that she should have written to her Baba Ji and asked if he invites her to attend his Satsang." All this is due to sheer ignorance. Many families have been ruined due to such ignorance. You offer all your earnings to such Gurus whose forms you yourself visualize within you. Many visions are simply the manifestation of your own mind.

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