An Abridged Transcription of

Truth Always Wins

by Baba Faqir Chand

Chapter 6

Whatever we think while awake makes our life. This is the secret, this is the mystery that I am unfolding to you. H.H.D.D. Ji [Hazur Data Dayal Ji, Faqir Chand's guru] deputed me this duty, so that I may understand this mystery. If you remained attached to the body of your Guru or to his manifested form, you cannot free yourself from the cycle of transmigration. I have very solid proofs in this regard.

My father was very short tempered and he had little control on his tongue. My mother was a very devoted lady and she used to say, "I pray not to be born as a woman again." I knew her feelings. Before she died she said, "I wish both my sons be blessed with two sons each." I wrote a letter to my brother [Rai Sahib Surinder Nath] that mother shall take birth in his home as his son [Shivinder] who has a great attachment with me and Rai Sahib.

Similarly my late daughter, Prem Piari, before her death remembered her husband and then named Sarla Devi with her last breath. Sarla Devi is a daughter of my close friend. When my friend came to me for condolence, I predicted that Prem Piari would be born to Sarla Devi as her daughter and that she will not enjoy happiness at hands of her husband. Why did I say so? Because I know the life of my late daughter. Her married life was most unhappy. Her mother-in-law always mistreated her and ultimately she poisoned Prem Piari. According to my readings, Sarla Devi was blessed with a daughter. She was married at a young age. Her husband died as per my readings after ten years, leaving her as widow. These are my experiences.

On the basis of my experiences I say that solution to all our worldly afflictions is beyond the mental realms. Go even beyond the state of thoughtlessness. Spirituality begins from thoughtlessness or the state of Mahasunna. I am indebted to those who consider me as Guru. They helped me to go beyond the mental realms. Now my Sadhana is of the Surat and not of the mind. But you cannot reach this stage so easily because you have the desires for name, fame, and wealth. Therefore, the teachings of the saints are not for the public in general. Do you think that the present method for initiation adopted by the Gurus is for the well-being of mankind? Decidedly not. These Gurus are doing this all for their own name, fame, and centers. This method of initiation would ruin those who get it because they are not aware of the thoughts of their subconscious mind. They do not know the power and the secret of their thoughts.

O man, your own mind is your Guru and the follower. Understand this secret from the Sat Sang of the realized man. Entertain noble and constructive thoughts and make your life. None can help you. Even a saint who dwells in light and sound cannot do anything for you. I dwell in light and sound, but I cannot do anything for you. After a long struggle, I have reached the stage of complete surrender to Him. It is all your faith.

Try to be practical in your life. I know it is a very difficult task. Oscillation of your mind is the greatest hurdle. Even at this age of 87, my mind at times thinks things which I do not like. I wrote three registered letters to a Mahatma about my dreams and requested him to let me know if he too had similar dreams. But he did not reply at all. I know all these Mahatmas and Gurus do have good and bad dreams; good and evil thoughts do occur in their minds but they never disclose. Be a watchman of your mind. Move on slowly and never feel discouraged. When soap is applied to dirty clothes, they appear dirtier but later get clean. Let all the dirt of your mind be cleaned with the broom of Sadhana. Let your enthusiasm be calmed.

Follow the advice of a true Guru who wishes to see you happy and who tells you how to live a happy life. He is not a Guru who is interested in the expansion of his center or increasing his following. My form has been manifesting to Sant Tara Chand. I told him many times that it is not me that manifests in him. But he did not believe me. Now when his form has manifested in his followers, he understood the reality. Many of the present Gurus admit that they are not aware of manifestations seen by their followers, but they do not speak it publicly. All manifestations are the creations of your faith and mind. Have faith in one and entertain always noble thoughts, and your life shall automatically become happy.

Chapter 7

He who thinks himself different from Guru is in duality. Therefore, I lay stress time and again on this fact that if you remain attached to the physical existence of any Guru, you shall not get liberation.

Our mind is within and our thoughts are also within. The questioner within is the disciple, and he who answers within is the Guru. When the questioner gets satisfactory answers to all his queries, he becomes silent. When your mind does not have any more questions or when your mind has no desire to know anything, it becomes silent. This state of silence is known as the union of Guru and Disciple.

Adoption of truth is not the worship of Baba Faqir Ji or his manifested form. The truth is your own "self." I am emancipated from duality and thus I want to see you emancipated. I wish that you could understand the truth and save yourself from the exploitation of Mahatmas and so-called Gurus. Be grateful to a true preceptor. One who forgets the good done to him is a thankless being.

I am not ungrateful. I have gained this knowledge from you and now in return I serve you with my sermons and money. You enjoy an inexpressible bliss by merging in your own form. There is always brightness shining on the face of the saints. They can speak about the inner feelings of the visitors to them. I do not know what the other saints gained by merging in their real form. But I know my experience. When I dwell in my own "Self," I enjoy the feelings of fearlessness, happiness, peace and ecstasy. Man becomes peaceful after gaining the true knowledge of self. This is the truth.

I have heard the agents of religious centers visit the householders and compel them to part with 1/10th of their hard-earned money for the Guru. I proclaim, I am saint of the time. Beware your donations would not liberate you. Those who understand my words and adopt them in their lives are my disciple.

This life is a bubble of consciousness. This bubble is the creation of His will and it will vanish at His will. I am nothing, but still, I am everything. I have been a son, brother, husband, and father, but I do not ensnare myself in this world of attachments. This is the essence of all the religions, but none tries to understand it. What is to happen must happen, so why make hue and cry? Saints live in the state of forgetfulness.

For me, the spontaneous form is that I am a bubble of consciousness. I do not claim that I am a God. He who claims himself as Brahma is not a practical man. He may be intelligent and well-read. If someone is really Brahma, let him do some good to the suffering humanity, or at least save himself from sorrows and pain. None can do it. All harvest the fruit of deeds.

I am not a hypocrite. I have done my duty as an honest disciple. If I also face some unbearable disease in my life, I shall say, "O man, do not live an honest life." If you are to suffer even after living an honest and virtuous life, then why be noble and virtuous? But I understand, you cannot avoid the fruit of your previous deeds.