Inner Visions & Transpersonal Psychology

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Alt.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1995

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Inner Visions, Dreams, and Transpersonal Experiences

Recently someone mentioned that I have discounted or denied any
inner experiences on the part of Eckists. I have never categorically
stated such a thing. Rather, I have pointed out that all inner
experiences (from whatever group, from whatever meditation
technique, from whatever culture) are subject to interpretation. And
it is that interpretation which has caused such a rift among most
religious devotees. 

I do think that people can have wonderful meditation experiences, or
near-death experiences, or whatever. I just think that we should be
careful in how we utlimately interpret these inner events (mystical?
transrational? neurological? excedrin?).

And this critique or caution holds to all mystically inclined groups
including Radhasoami, Sant Mat, Shabd Yoga, Eckankar, MasterPath,
Quanyin, MSIA, Esoteric Christianity, and Gumby's experiences with
Sathya Sai Baba......

Phenomenologically we do see and hear extra-ordinary things. The
real question is what they ultimately mean in the ontological scheme
of our lives.     

My bias leans towards a Faqir Chandian or Ramana Maharshi
perspective..... with a heavy dose of Paul and Patricia Smith
Churchland added in to ground the discussion...

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