Treasure Hunt

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: The NEURAL SURFER
Publication date: September 1997

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THE INTERNET TREASURE HUNT (TEST for Sociology Students in Lane's

Directions: This is a multi-faceted test and there are various
levels of mastery.

The first part is required, the other parts are for MONEY and GRADES
(serious on the latter, maybe serious on the former).

I have placed this test online at 10:30 TUESDAY nite, so don't feel
frustrated since it was slightly delayed.

Do the best that you can, but remember that YOUR intelligence and
resourcefulness in getting around obstacles is PART of the test.


I have numbered the questions........ Good luck    


1. First, you MUST email your teacher at his MSAC email address
(don't have it?---search for it via or MSAC's homepage)
informing him EXACTLY when you started the test. 

2. Lane has a list of scum bag gurus on his website. Find it (clue:
it is much easier to use a search engine---saves time-..... of
course you have to FIGURE that out) and tell me who occupies
position NUMBER 3 and position NUMBER 5......

3. What is the most RECENT "headline" NEWS from Surfer Magazine? Be
accurate (clue: think search engine).

4. If I wanted to get to Bodhi Tree Bookstore in West Hollywood from
Mount San Antonio College, what would be the fastest way via car?
(clue: there is a direct mapping system via the internet that tells
you EXACTLY which streets and freeways to take). List the directions
(second clue: it is on Melrose, near La Cienga).

5. Lane has been a vegetarian for some 20+ years. At what age did
Lane TURN vegetarian and which book (list the title) helped him
understand the moral dimensions of the argument.... Big clue:
"Why I Don't Eat Faces" (second clue: think about that title....
use it)......


end of first part:

to be continued on Wednesday nite, 10 p.m.........


you can mail your results of the first installment immediately.

Be accurate

money at the end of the rainbow?



6. Who is the Editor of Slate magazine and on what well known T.V.
show did he appear on? (clue: think CNN).

7. How many websites (i want an actual number) are devoted to
Alicia Silverstone and/or Brad Pitt?

8. Do a dejanews "profile" on your teacher and name the newsgroup he
posted to related to dogs/animals (clue: and/or

9. Who is Pierce Flynn? (clue: think surfing) Tough follow-up: how
would Lane know of him?

10. Find the most negative comment already published against your
teacher (clue: think newsgroups, think alt.religion.eckankar).


Good luck and email the results PRIOR to class or BRING them into


E-mail The Neural Surfer directly at

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