IN MY SOUL I PLAGIARIZE: a letter from Professor Sutphin

Author: Professor John Sutphin
Publisher: The NEURAL SURFER
Publication date: February 1997

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Excerpt from John Sutphini's (former Eckist, Professor of Philosophy
and Religion) letter to Brad Steiger, dated January 8, 1976:

".... How you [Brad Steiger] and your publisher were spared the
charge of plagiarism or even breach of copyright laws with some
paragraphs in your book, IN MY SOUL I AM FREE, is a mystery to me.
If you compare the following pages in your book with those listed
from Dr. Julian Johnson's PATH OF THE MASTERS, published in 1939,
you will discover almost VERBATIM excerpts. Perhaps Paul Twitchell
did not reveal his sources to you.....

1. Compare Pages (IMSIAF)    with Pages (PATH OF THE MASTERS)

95-96                        376-377 (Karma)
124-126                      343-360- (Five Passions)
126-127                      392-393 (Escaping from Karma)
127                          460-465 (Virag[sic]
128                          465-473 (Destruction of Desires)
129                          317-320 (Man)
132-136                      508-514 (Yoga Systems)
136-140                      537-547 (Beyond Death)
170-173                      503-506 (Jivan Mukti)
194-195                      534 (Shariat)


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