This book could not have been finished without the diligent work of the students enrolled in Introduction to Philosophy in the Fall of 1991 at Mount San Antonio College. Although the editors constructed the questions to be asked and orchestrated which philosophers were to be interviewed, it was the students' persistence which transformed this project from an idea into a reality. Below is a complete listing of the MSAC students who directly contributed to this volume:

Daniel Abriol
Anna Acosta
Julia Aguilar
Michael Alcantara
Heather Altman
Erin Ballantyne
Tricia Barbato
Maria Barragan
Sheila Blizzard
Tommy Boone
Daryl Bringas
Joseph Brown
Jose Buenaventure
Jason Cabana
Michelle Camacho
Cecilia Campos
Shawn Cate
Marie Christopherson
Lynne Clarke
Brenna Cline
Ryan Cochran
Matthew Corodimas
Joe Corpus
Paul Croulet
Jacqueline Cruz
Velvet Delbridge
Kelly Denihan
Reynold Douge
Kathi Doyle
Carrie Evans
James Farris
Grace Gardea
Rene Gonzales
Juan Gonzalez
Hector Guzman
David Hamilton
Steven Harmon
Karen Harrell
Brian Haworth
Thomas Haynes
Patrick Haynie
Lakrecia Herndon
Margaret Ingalls
Ester Jo
Alfred Johnson
Selwyn Johnson
Lisa Kribs
Shareen Lal
Roger Lopez
Brenda Lowry
Michael Lyons
Lisa MacAdams
Ryan Mallen
Joel Mark
Rick Martinez
Sam Kpehe Mason
Christina Mattson
Jami McCaslin
Janelle Mikelson
Anjanette Miranda
Mitchell Mora
Trey Morita
Jennifer Morris
Martin Murrufo
Linda Mussay
Colleen Obrien
Deborah Orr
Corinne Palmer
Cecilia Palo
Lisa Peraza
James Perez
Leticia Perez
Christian Peterson
Michael Platt
Gusavo Rameriz
Brian Ritchie
Danielle Rodgers
Adrian Rodriguez
Larry Rollins
Lori Rook
Loyce Rowe
Kristin Ruiz
Nicolas Saccone
Mary Salas
Laura Sanchez
Christian Stengel
Wade Stevens
Ryan Takenaka
Mark Taylor
Christopher Turner
Cynthia Weber
Mackjim Yanzon