Sai Baba UPDATE, part one

Author: Said
Publisher: The NEURAL SURFER
Publication date: September 1997

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From  Tue Sep  2 10:19:37 1997

Hello Professor Lane, the following is my reply to a posting which was =
directed to Jed.   However, I wrote a reply to raise some issues which =
this person so graciously overlooks.

So, as not to confuse the reader, Graham's messages are enclosed in =
double paranthesis and my replies follow each one.

Before I go on, I want the readers to remember that there might exist =
black magicians who are able to do some unexplained things.  Also, Sai =
Baba himself believes in them.  Another important point is that =
"miracles" do not prove the character of the miracle doer.  Sai Baba =
himself has said that.  So keep these in mind and don't forget the =
accounts of the movies showing Baba cheat on creating things and the =
accounts of his sexual molestations and how he was acting while doing =

((In the first line of the message Jed sent me, he challenges me to =
out my ring and see if they are diamonds or not.  I bet you won't like
the answer !  But here it is.

Happening 13 June 1997

My watch has been stopping overnight, when off my wrist.  And while
visiting Melbourne members of the group who went to India with me in
April, witnesses to my receiving the ring from Sai Baba, it was
suggested from a few sources - take my ring to a jeweller and have the
"diamonds" from Swami's ring set more permanently, as they can come out.

Friday (13 June), I dropped into a local jeweller (Bondi Junction -
Sydney) to get my watch repaired.  He didn't do them but suggested
another jeweller across the arcade - he only handled gems, rings etc.=20
So, remembering the ring, I asked him - can you make these diamonds more
secure ?  The jeweller took the ring (first person to really touch my
ring, while not on my finger, except for one of the girls in Melbourne
the previous week) and to my shock, started to examine it with one of
those magnifying glasses.

The man looked at me puzzled and asked where I got the ring.  I just
said it was given to me - not precious but very special - sentimental
value.  He then said - "the setting is very odd - nothing seems to be
holding the stones in place - no usual claws, clamps or glue." Looking
at it again - he then said,  "the stones are cut as they used to be done
ages ago - is it an old ring ?"  I stood dumbfounded and he smiled and
said - "its not new is it ?" As if to suggest, I knew it was very old
and not admitting it.  To me, it was brand new ! Looking at it again, he
said - "you said, diamonds.  They aren't diamonds.  But they're not
syconia  either, I've never seen stones like these.  I don't know what
they are.  The cut and setting is just like in ancient times."

He then prompted me where and how I got it, but I didn't want to go into
the whole story of Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the middle of a jewellery
store - I just gave him a silly grin.  He then asked me if I would leave
the ring with him - "as I would love to take it to the Master Jeweller
in the city for examination, as I am sure it is something special and he
would want to see it."  I thanked him and took the ring back, then went
to the other jeweller across the way, to have my watch repaired.

Maybe Jed would like to add this at the bottom of his "challenge" to me,
to have the ring examined ??))

Fine, Baba can do some miracles, but that doesn't mean that he is God.  =
After all an Italian gentleman and a Philipino lady do the same.  What =
bothers me is that Sai Baba devotees act the same way you do when =
confronted.   If the stone is really not of this world that makes me =
think that Baba perhaps created it from no where, but that hardly makes =
him a spiritual person or God.  It is amazing that how many Sai Devotees =
act the same way.  Once in the darshan this guy said "f--- you" to me =
and I find that almost all Sai Baba devotees are very upset people.  I =
have seen that in the centers that I have been to. =20

((And for Him to "sleight-of-hand" into my bedroom for many years, long
before I ever knew His face or knew He existed.  Boy, that sure is some
magicians trick.  Played with your doodle and nuts did he ??  Must have
been nice for you - or your imagination.))

So, a guy that can do some miracles can in no way in hell touch nuts and =
enjoy them?  Then why does Baba believe in black magicians?  A:  he =
himself is one.

((What other tasty treats did you decide not to include in a balance =
on Sai ?  Oh this guy can be trusted, can't he ?  A man of his word -
doesn't matter what anyone else says - he's a man of HIS word anyway.=20
Would you buy a car from him ?  Maybe a dinky.

I can see this won't make it onto the anti-Sai site.  Oh well - such is
life with liars.))

Such is life with people who speculate wrongly and jump into conclusions =
easily.  Just because Baba does miracles, you decided that he is God.  =
WOW.  I guess we have many Gods living in the world right now.  Why =
didn't you take the time to respond to my accusations?  Because you =
couldn't answer them?  Why did Baba breath hard when touching me?  Why =
did he make sexual noises?  Why did he make me touch him?  Why did he =
have to hug me and in one instance kiss me on the cheeks while touching =
me? =20

What I see in you and Bon is that you haven't learned anything from Sai =
God.  You both have very nasty attitudes.  Looks like Baba wasted his =
Godly time on you suckers.

((Because, you know, that is the GUTS of it.  If Sai is right - then you
are liars.  IF Sai is the liar and you are right, then who the bloody
hell has been doing all these amazing things ?  God ?  But surely God
wouldn't support a liar ?  Bit of a catch 22.))

Have you read the story that Baba  told about a black magician?  He =
supposedly overtook his spell and now the place that this magician =
jinxed is a Sai Baba temple.  Could Sai Baba be a black magician?  He =
has powers, but does that make him God?  Haven't you heard of Baba =
saying that miracles don't prove that a person is holy?  So, how did you =
come to the conclusion that Sai Baba is God based on these silly =
miracles?  How did you choose to not answer my questions of molestation? =
 Unfortunately you received a ring from Baba but nothing spiritual =
because he didn't have anything spiritual to give you.  Your attitude =
shows it:

((Well it is, if you believe David, Jed and others on this site.  Who =
they ?  Lets face it, just who are they ?  People who have failed in
life.  People with no guts to admit they have faults and couldn't
overcome their faults.  I have them - as can be seen in these words.=20
I'm no goodie-two-shoes by any means.  But God (Sai if you wish, Allah,
otherwise, known as Jehovah, sometimes called Brahma) must think I've
got a chance.  I saw that chance and took it.  You gave up and write
this trash.  Gave up ?  I wonder if you ever had IT to give up ?=20
Faithless, empty shells, rattling loudly.

Oh but Professor Lane does.  And Jed-wish-I-could-bed-Sai does as well. =

And now:=20

((I won't make wild claims like some other Sai devotees who possibly =
a weaker faith than they are admitting to - and so - grasping for
straws.  IF Sai has been playing with some of your genitals, from my
experience, He did it to try and coax you around - to a better mental
and physical health, not into His cot.  IF He was seen taking rings,
watches and other items from His chair (I really question this in my
case - read on) then maybe (I'm not God, sorry boys, don't know His
answer fully) He was allowing you a test.))

So, he was caught cheating on three different movies - 5 times in one =
movie - and he moaned so that he test my faith?  Fuck him, let him test =
others.  I have heard of  "facts" that don't make sense.  How could Sai =
Baba test us like that?  How could he fall to the ground many times in =
order to test us? =20

((A Mother might show love to you a thousand times and then, one moment,
show anger. Do you take that one incident and judge her or take the
whole and try to explain the one incident ?))

Its not one instance, its many.  In fact, he sexually molested me in six =
interviews.  If his intentions were pure and if he is God, he could do =
his pure intentions by touching me once or not touching me at all. =20

(( I suggest to anyone who has witnessed Sai doing as claimed here, that =
it is not only fair to judge
Him (if you have that right ?) on all accounts and ask yourself, why
would He want me to see such a thing ?  What was His motive for that one
occasion ?  If you are on a true spiritual path, then the answer will be
different for each person. A test of faith ?))

Maybe, maybe not, but Sai Baba is pushing this test thing too far.  =
Playing with guys dicks, faking materializations over and over in =
different movies, falling to the ground, breaking his bones, speaking of =
your past, wrongly.  Its just too many tests where Baba "intentionally" =
fails.  Yeah right.

(( Showing you something you do yourself maybe ?  A test of faith for =
those you sprout the story to -
maybe Sai knows you are not a winner this lifetime but someone who needs
his/her faith tested for strengthening, can either break through, or
fall away - like you - yet again - weak, powerless and lacking heart.=20
If you had asked yourself at that very moment - this question - you
might well find yourself defending Sai rather than making an immortal
enemy of Him.  In my view, you're already done like a dinner.  Lucky I'm
not God boys - you're arses would be skin by now.))

Yeah right, looking at him this way, he will always be the pure one.  =
Maybe, he is like this, like that , like this, like that,...  Maybe he =
is a charleton, why don't you also consider that?

((For me and anyone with similar experiences to me, to side with you in
this farce, I must ignore hundreds of sheer miracles, created around,
through and on behalf of Sai Baba.  To those, unknowning of Sai, I
suggest you (if interested) search your own stream and stop fishing in
these muddy waters.  For those happy to berate Sai, enjoy yourself.
And if Sai is judged by my words here, that would be unfair too.  I'm a
bad Sai Devotee. But I'd rather be a bad Sai Devotee than castaways like
these creeps.  You're out in the swamp and away from His love, because
you deserve nothing better.  He slaps me around a lot because I earn
that, but He still proves His love - not the disgusting love you say.))

I guess the best answer to that is silence.  You just proved what Sai =
Baba has taught you.  Its interesting that you disassociate yourself =
with Sai Baba devotees first before you come down on us.  What a brain =
washer you are.  You should start a cult yourself.   If - in Baba's own =
words - miracles don't make a person holy, then the least you could do =
is show compassion, pity, love, and understanding to us "creeps".  But =
unfortunately, I have yet to find a Sai Baba devotee with compassion and =
love.  They all talk about it, they all force themselves to do it, but =
it doesn't exist in them.  Even Sai Baba doesn't have love in him.

((Finally - ring in chairs ?  As said above, not in my case.  He was
standing for sometime, playing with my hands, talking to me and the rest
of the group about many things, then suddenly, He started that votex
swirling of His hand and POP the ring was there.  His hands were
constantly rubbing mine seconds before he started to materialise my
ring.  He went no where near His chair.  Nor did He reach a hand
anywhere near His robe.  The ring was cold.  If it had been close to His
person - it would have been warm.
Post this you darling buds of may-be's !  Bet you don't.  You can't
afford it.))

The movies that I have seen show him cheating.  I wish that your =
situation above was taped so that we could see it and analyze it.  =
Unfortuantely, other movies show that he is cheating.


From  Tue Sep  2 10:30:18 1997

Hello Professor Lane, I sent you another reply a few minutes ago.  =
Please add the following line to the very end of that reply.  Thanks.

Your whole argument, Graham, is based on the idea that miracles prove =
that Sai Baba is God, while I say - as Baba himself say - that it is =
not.  Based on my sexual problems with him and the three movies that =
show him cheating, he is a black magician or a charleton.  Don't forget =
that the Bible says that at the end, there will be many who are able to =
do great miracles and who claim to the the One, but they are not.  What =
do you think?

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