The Koan of Sai Baba's Rubbing Dicks

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: The NEURAL SURFER
Publication date: May 1997

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Justifying Why God Touches Young Cocks


Why Can God Pull a kid's pants down and fondle his Woody,
whereas Park Ranger Bill would go to jail for doing EXACTLY
the same thing?


The Flaccidness of Condoning Dick Massaging


Hey, My guru is God so He can do strange things and get away with

Whereas, you--Park Ranger, Elementary School Teacher, Weirdo Locker
Room Hangeron--CAN'T because you don't claim to be Enlightened.

Which translates as:

Claim to be Enlightened and You Too Can Rub Young Dicks and Get Away
with it.


We now have pro-Sai Baba devotees Admitting that Sai does indeed
rub cocks (Divine Erection?) and occasionally indulges in "palming"
objects (Divine Sleight of Hand?).


Yet, some of these advocates will argue that there is a "purpose" for
what the God-man does, but that us mere mortals (who don't make the
claims of being enlightened) cannot fully comprehend.


Well, try this solution:

Take GOD out of the EQUATION and
see what possible motivations there are for
Sai rubbing young boys' penises.


The Koan of a Woody?


I got an answer: the sound of one hand clapping is not as good
as the feel of one hand CLASPING.


My advice to Sai?

Rub your own woody


and let the kids go out and play cricket


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