Eckankar, a subtle cult

By Raphael,

This is written in sincere support for those who are struggling with these issues

In the past when Eckankar has been accused of being a cult, I reacted by de= fending the teachings and believed without question the Living Eck Master w= hen he said that Eckankar was not a cult. I didn't view any claims by other= groups about Eckankar. I simply closed my mind to them. Now I am viewing t= his issue again, but this time allowing myself to see the issue without the= filter of the Living Eck Master imposed upon my third eye. I am seeing tha= t Eckankar is, and has been a subtle cult, whose spoken words are mild b= ut whose written works demand allegiance to the Godman of Eckankar (Harold = Klemp). Eckankar under the direction of Harold Klemp, publishes, dissemina= tes, and supports threats of dire consequences for those who do not believe= , and who may wish to leave the group. Hidden behind the meek exterior of = the present Godman, Harold Klemp, is a tryrant & a dictator who uses Paul T= witchell's baldfaced megalomaniacal claims of the Living Eck Master's omnis= cience, omnipresence, and omnipotence to bolster his own position without t= he 'dirty' work of saying it himself. Yet Klemp is now making these very sa= me claims directly. Here is some criterion used to classify cults. Followin= g the criterion are quotes from Klemp and Twitchell that directly support t= he claims that Eckankar is a cult of giant proportions. The criteria that f= ollows is from the book CULTS & CONSEQUENCES by Rachel Andres and James R. = Lane .

Here are quotes by Klemp and Twitchell from the Eckankar discourses publish= ed by Eckankar that support the criteria used above to identify a cult. The= bolded and italicized words are my emphasis. Words in parenthesis have bee= n added to explain and clairfy the words proceeding them.

There are many more quotes which document the cult methods of Eckankar. Som= e of them can be viewed on Raphael's Recovery Room's Home Page under The Book Of Eckankar (tm) Threats.


Peace and growth,