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Gentle Godlessness

GENTLE GODLESSNESS: A Compassionate Introduction to Atheism by Paul O'Brien (Published by the MSAC Philosophy Group, 1996).

The Socratic Universe

Interviews with California Philosophers conducted by MSAC Philosophy students in the Fall of 1991. Published by the MSAC Philosophy Group, Walnut, California 91789. Contains interviews with some of the most prominent philosophers of our day, including Paul Churchland and Jacob Needleman.

Front cover to the book, The Socratic Universe: Interviews with California Sociologists

List of California Philosophers in Study


Chapter One: Which Philosophical Tradition Do You Agree With Most?

Chapter Two: Which Philosophical Tradition Do You Disagree With Most?

Chapter Three: Which Philosophers Do You Admire?

Chapter Four: Which Ethical System Do You Admire Most?

Chapter Five: Are Science And Religion Compatible?

Chapter Six: Does God Exist?

Chapter Seven: What Happens To Us After Death?

Chapter Eight: Do You Believe In Free Will Or Determinism?

Chapter Nine: Will Artificial Intelligence Equal Or Surpass Human Intelligence?

Chapter Ten: Which Five Books Would You Bring To A Deserted Island?

Individual Interviews: Professor James Chesher, Professor of Philosophy, Santa Barbara City College (conducted by Derrik Nishiyama)

Individual Interviews: Professor Lance Schaina, Professor of Mathematics, Mt. San Antonio College (clearly the brightest guy on this campus.... signed: the neural surfer)

Plato's Cave: MSAC Philosophy Circular

Tabula Rasa or Innate Structures: a philosophical inquiry by Greg Horn

Nietzsche: a glimpse of his life & work (by Paul O'Brien)

William James: an introduction (edited by Paul O'Brien)

Three Stances: Daniel Dennett, Consciousness, and Meaning (written by Paul O'Brien)

William James, Pragmatism, and My Philosophy of Life (written by Paul O'Brien)

Charisma: Interviews with Sociologists

James Coleman, Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago (conducted by Paul O'Brien)

Jonathan Turner, Professor of Sociology, University of California, Riverside (conducted by Ron Mack)

Ken Irvine, Evolution, and MSAC: an interview conducted by Paul O'Brien

Randall Collins, Professor of Sociology, University of California at Riverside (conducted by Lara Kreps)

Howard Taylor, Professor of Sociology, Princeton University (conducted by Kristin Forster)

Hoda Mahmoudi, Professor of Sociology, California Lutheran University (conducted by Cheryl Gerth)

Suzanne Keller, Professor of Sociology, Princeton University (conducted by Debra Garcia)

Cogito: philosophical ruminations

Issues in Pragmatism by Paul O'Brien

Charity in a Critical Age: observations by Paul O'Brien

Many Worlds: a philosophical inquiry by Paul O'Brien

The Existential Perspective: Commentary by Paul O'Brien on THE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF REALITY and THE DENIAL OF DEATH

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