I must say I was flattered by Glen's most recent post about my "money" aims in writing The Making of a Spiritual Movement. I think Glen forgets the genealogy of the book; it started as a term paper when I was 21. Moreover, i have never made a cent on the book. Indeed, as my tax records will clearly show, I have lost thousands of dollars over the years. Brian Walsh who put up the initial investment himself lost a couple of thousand bucks. Why? Because we started giving copies away to people who wanted it but who could not afford the price. Walsh personally sent some 100+ copies, I remember, to Lagos, Nigeria, and never got any money for it. As for myself, I am always complimented when I hear that I am making loads of money on the book. Anyone who knows me personally will attest to the fact that I am a fairly lousy businessman primarily because I don't write for money. I happen to like to write and share ideas--even if i get ripped or flamed. Garland Publishers has never made me money in any true sense of the term. Why? Because they do very limited print runs and sell directly to the library audience. I have already addressed this issue a couple of years back in which I detailed how much money has been "earned." I think I must have lost easily over 5,000 dollars by this time. I don't mind, however, since it is a fun hobby and I will continue to do it, but the charge that I am somehow rich or somehow living lavishly compliments me way too much. It gives me too much credit. But again i tip my hat to you Glen. You make me feel proud. I just showed my mother your post. She couldn't believe her eyes.... She she said, "I never knew. Boy, you must hide your money well." But Glen as I said to Mark a coule of years back, you can change all that and make your post come true.... Thanks again for the compliment..... keep them coming signed: the rich, son-of a bitch, Lane who makes his fortune and fame on the basis of the stupid and lame who happen to think that I am in it only for the name..... gotta run, I have to deposit all those money-orders i get for having Dave Rife post the Making of a Spiritual Movement on the Net for free.