Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: The NEURAL SURFER
Publication date: March 1997

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Echoes of Ultimate
Reality in Modern Physics


Brian Hines



David Christopher Lane


I was quite excited when I first started reading Mr. Hines' book
since a cursory glance suggested that it was well researched and
intelligent. Moreover, Mr. Hines was dealing with many authors that
I had long enjoyed: from Ken Wilber to Roger Penrose to Daniel
Dennett to Francis Crick. Indeed, I was initially so enticed by    
GOD'S WHISPER, CREATION'S THUNDER that I called my good friend
Aaron Talsky to sing its praises.

However, Aaron completely differed with my initial appraisal and
forewarned me that after I finished reading the book (and read it
closely he cautioned me) that I would find it silly, misleading, and
arrogant. Knowing Aaron as I do, I dismissed his harsh criticism as
just part of Aaron's hyper-critical approach to anything

Yet, ironically enough, it turned out that Aaron was right about the
weaknesses of Hines' text and that I was wrong. 

Why was I wrong?