Sai Baba: a rejoinder by Graham Dodd

Author: Graham Dodd
Publisher: The NEURAL SURFER
Publication date: July 1997

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David - and Jed,

I wondered why I had not heard back from Jed after such a long while.  I
replied to his message of 21 May (which he quotes in The Sathya Sai
Debates, Part One - lead story, my name not included to cover my
confidentiality).  I had hoped he might answer some of the questions I
put to him - but here it is - 3 week hence and not even a thanks
Graham.  But now, when I went searching the Net for both of your email
addresses (my system went down meanwhile and lost your email addresses)
I find a wide range of stories and articles, most of which were written
around that time.  You've been too busy to answer me by the looks -

Or was I merely cannon fodder to help plump up your pages ?

In the first line of the message Jed sent me, he challenges me to check
out my ring and see if they are diamonds or not.  I bet you won't like
the answer !  But here it is.

Happening 13 June 1997

My watch has been stopping overnight, when off my wrist.  And while
visiting Melbourne members of the group who went to India with me in
April, witnesses to my receiving the ring from Sai Baba, it was
suggested from a few sources - take my ring to a jeweller and have the
"diamonds" from Swamiís ring set more permanently, as they can come out.

Friday (13 June), I dropped into a local jeweller (Bondi Junction -
Sydney) to get my watch repaired.  He didnít do them but suggested
another jeweller across the arcade - he only handled gems, rings etc. 
So, remembering the ring, I asked him - can you make these diamonds more
secure ?  The jeweller took the ring (first person to really touch my
ring, while not on my finger, except for one of the girls in Melbourne
the previous week) and to my shock, started to examine it with one of
those magnifying glasses.

The man looked at me puzzled and asked where I got the ring.  I just
said it was given to me - not precious but very special - sentimental
value.  He then said - "the setting is very odd - nothing seems to be
holding the stones in place - no usual claws, clamps or glue." Looking
at it again - he then said,  "the stones are cut as they used to be done
ages ago - is it an old ring ?"  I stood dumbfounded and he smiled and
said - "its not new is it ?" As if to suggest, I knew it was very old
and not admitting it.  To me, it was brand new ! Looking at it again, he
said - "you said, diamonds.  They arenít diamonds.  But theyíre not
syconia  either, Iíve never seen stones like these.  I donít know what
they are.  The cut and setting is just like in ancient times."

He then prompted me where and how I got it, but I didnít want to go into
the whole story of Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the middle of a jewellery
store - I just gave him a silly grin.  He then asked me if I would leave
the ring with him - "as I would love to take it to the Master Jeweller
in the city for examination, as I am sure it is something special and he
would want to see it."  I thanked him and took the ring back, then went
to the other jeweller across the way, to have my watch repaired.

Maybe Jed would like to add this at the bottom of his "challenge" to me,
to have the ring examined ??  Maybe Jed would like to also add the
points I made to him in my return message he so rudely failed to reply
to - but then - he has been busy collecting data from people around the
world and adding them to his files on this site. Doesn't have to answer
the silly blitters who have taken time to answer him.  Is that, what is
termed, selfish ?  Biased reporting ?  Can anyone accept such an action
and then expect his claims of being sexually tampered with - true ?  You
are now in question Jed.  By your own handling of other people, they now
question your honesty, integrity and motive.

Sleight-of-hand ?  Sai just takes things from the back of cushions ? 
Gee, He must have a very long arm to produce a ring that goes way back
hundreds of years and made of stones that don't exist on this planet -
very long arms indeed.

And for Him to "sleight-of-hand" into my bedroom for many years, long
before I ever knew His face or knew He existed.  Boy, that sure is some
magicians trick.  Played with your doodle and nuts did he ??  Must have
been nice for you - or your imagination.

He only played with my hands.  Most of the interview I had with Him, He
played fingers and palms with me.  I missed out on your fun (or mental
instability).  What's more, next day, my hands and arms (right to the
armpits) blew up - swollen - and came out in a red rash.  Sai must have
passed along some dirty fungal disease He picked up playing with 
crab-crawling balls from someone like yourself, Jed.  I had that rash
for over 2 weeks. Then it went away - like you should do - back under
the swampy marshes.

But today I realised, a skin complaint I had on my hands for 5 years -
arose every 2 weeks in the month - cleared for the other 2 weeks (no not
a rash, just peeling of the entire surface of the skin - flaked off) has
not returned since Sai played handsies with me.  That is now over 3
months, in 2 days time.  That is - 3 cicles of what I've had for 5
years, now broken and ceased.  Gee, that's some "sleight-of-hand" trick
too.  If He keeps up playing these tricks on people, someone is going to
claim he's a God-man.

What about that other "sleight-of-hand" trick He played on me and
another person - scared my friend half to death and made him have a
nervous breakdown - took 12 months to recover from that magical trick. 
What was that ?  You forgot what it was ?  Why, He
appeared-materialised-whatever you want to call it - at my front gate. 
I really didn't know who He was then but a few days later I did and when
I showed my friend the photo of Sai Baba, that's when he went and "lost"
his nerves.  Oh but what a cruel thing for Sai to do to my friend Carl. 
Or was it ?  Carl had time to ponder and realise his life's direction. 
No he's not a Devotee but sure is happier for the experience.

What other tasty treats did you decide not to include in a balance view
on Sai ?  Oh this guy can be trusted, can't he ?  A man of his word -
doesn't matter what anyone else says - he's a man of HIS word anyway. 
Would you buy a car from him ?  Maybe a dinky.

I can see this won't make it onto the anti-Sai site.  Oh well - such is
life with liars.

Because, you know, that is the GUTS of it.  If Sai is right - then you
are liars.  IF Sai is the liar and you are right, then who the bloody
hell has been doing all these amazing things ?  God ?  But surely God
wouldn't support a liar ?  Bit of a catch 22.

Well it is, if you believe David, Jed and others on this site.  Who are
they ?  Lets face it, just who are they ?  People who have failed in
life.  People with no guts to admit they have faults and couldn't
overcome their faults.  I have them - as can be seen in these words. 
I'm no goodie-two-shoes by any means.  But God (Sai if you wish, Allah,
otherwise, known as Jehovah, sometimes called Brahma) must think I've
got a chance.  I saw that chance and took it.  You gave up and write
this trash.  Gave up ?  I wonder if you ever had IT to give up ? 
Faithless, empty shells, rattling loudly.

There were many other amazing things I told you that happening to my
family and friends and almost all of them proven by "fact" which is a
word I notice you love to use.  There is the fatal cancer my Mother had
- doctors didn't even bother giving her follow up treatment with Chemo. 
That was 3 years ago and not a sign of cancer now.  And her treatment ? 
Vibhutti 3 times a day for a month and a few tearful prayers thrown in
for good measure. Then my leg.  Doctors fought for weeks but said - it
had to go.  I kept telling them Sai would care for it - if it had to go,
then there was a reason, but I felt He didn't want it to happen that
way.  They felt I wasn't taking it seriously - sent me councillors
because I refused to become hysterical like most patients about to have
a leg amputated.  When they finally went in with the knife they only
found "happy, bubbling flesh" - as they said to me.  I pointed to Sai on
my bedside table and the professor replies - "I have no other answer for
it either."

Oh but Professor Lane does.  And Jed-wish-I-could-bed-Sai does as well.  

I won't make wild claims like some other Sai devotees who possibly have
a weaker faith than they are admitting to - and so - grasping for
straws.  IF Sai has been playing with some of your genitals, from my
experience, He did it to try and coax you around - to a better mental
and physical health, not into His cot.  IF He was seen taking rings,
watches and other items from His chair (I really question this in my
case - read on) then maybe (I'm not God, sorry boys, don't know His
answer fully) He was allowing you a test.

A Mother might show love to you a thousand times and then, one moment,
show anger. Do you take that one incident and judge her or take the
whole and try to explain the one incident ? I suggest to anyone who has
witnessed Sai doing as claimed here, that it is not only fair to judge
Him (if you have that right ?) on all accounts and ask yourself, why
would He want me to see such a thing ?  What was His motive for that one
occasion ?  If you are on a true spiritual path, then the answer will be
different for each person. A test of faith ? Showing you something you
do yourself maybe ?  A test of faith for those you sprout the story to -
maybe Sai knows you are not a winner this lifetime but someone who needs
his/her faith tested for strengthening, can either break through, or
fall away - like you - yet again - weak, powerless and lacking heart. 
If you had asked yourself at that very moment - this question - you
might well find yourself defending Sai rather than making an immortal
enemy of Him.  In my view, you're already done like a dinner.  Lucky I'm
not God boys - you're arses would be skin by now.

For me and anyone with similar experiences to me, to side with you in
this farce, I must ignore hundreds of sheer miracles, created around,
through and on behalf of Sai Baba.  To those, unknowning of Sai, I
suggest you (if interested) search your own stream and stop fishing in
these muddy waters.  For those happy to berate Sai, enjoy yourself.
And if Sai is judged by my words here, that would be unfair too.  I'm a
bad Sai Devotee. But I'd rather be a bad Sai Devotee than castaways like
these creeps.  You're out in the swamp and away from His love, because
you deserve nothing better.  He slaps me around a lot because I earn
that, but He still proves His love - not the disgusting love you say.

Finally - ring in chairs ?  As said above, not in my case.  He was
standing for sometime, playing with my hands, talking to me and the rest
of the group about many things, then suddenly, He started that votex
swirling of His hand and POP the ring was there.  His hands were
constantly rubbing mine seconds before he started to materialise my
ring.  He went no where near His chair.  Nor did He reach a hand
anywhere near His robe.  The ring was cold.  If it had been close to His
person - it would have been warm.
Post this you darling buds of may-be's !  Bet you don't.  You can't
afford it.

Graham Dodd.

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