Eating Yellow Snow

Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: The NEURAL SURFER
Publication date: April 1997

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Dick replies:

I have two daughters. In fact, this morning my older daughter returned from 
spending the night with one of her girl friends. Both are interested in art
and the other girl's father is a middle school principal. Neither of them 
drive. Seems they made were driven to the house by a male classmate. He 
waited in the car. I asked my daughter why he was hiding out there in the 
automobile. She informed me that I had a rather poor reputation among her 
friends. I stared at her incredulously. My dear wife chips in, "Yes, the 
word anti-Christ is often mentioned in their comments." Why worry about 
about one's daughter's decisions when one can intimidate an entire 
population of teenage boys?

I find the analogy between wives and gurus cumbersome. I don't know if 
you've ever gone through the heartache of infidelity or if it is in the 
same hypothetical class as your daughters. Throughout history, cuckolded
husbands have offered various responses to infidelity from understanding and 
forgiveness to death. 

I'm not sure that the guru/chela relationship is one of faith. Can a teacher 
cheat his students?

DAVID Lane replies:

Yes, just think of what Thakar Singh tells his disciples. He claims a number
of things and lies about who he is. He "cheats" them by misleading

When they realize it ("Hey, Thakar, get your woodman out of my mouth"),
they may feel quite cheated. Cheated by his dishonesty, cheated by
being misled and wasting their time with his antics, etc.


O Can students cheat the teacher? Well, the teacher could
fail to offer his best performance. The student could fail in the same 
manner. Is it cheating? Has a contract of faith beeen betrayed? 


Yes, a contract of faith has been betrayed.  

The guru is not what he proclaims himself to be.

That in itself is a breach of the implicit (and, at times, explicit)
contract between the disciple and his guru.

What is that contract?

Well, in Thakar's case, it is quite clear and he is just as clear
that he breaks it.... along with the hearts of his abused disciples.

I am using Thakar since his extremity clarifies this issue.


OIs love 
negotiable? Can the cultural institution of marriage survive as women gain
greater freedom? Where do I write to my guru certification board?


Well, I have a guru certification board..... just send 100 dollars
to ....... just teasing......

We are that certifying board and every time we lower the standards
we pay a dear price for it.



Since you're not real crazy about Sant Mat theology, how about a brief 
exposition of your take on Advaita Vedanta?



that field lives us.


Nathan Writes:

A very well written article. So maybe I was wrong about David Lane. He
isn't stupid at all. He's merely physical, and only unconsciously
intolerant, biased, and unethical. It's not his fault, though. After
all these years, when he reads this post by Doug, he'll realize why he
has analyzed everything from the  the  surface levels only (i.e.
physical), ignoring their depths (i.e. intuitive or "mandalic")

So, in the next few days, we will expect him to make a public apology
for all the misunderstandings he has created because of his ignorance
of his own nature, and he will close down his web page, refute his
long standing attacks against Eckankar and other religions, advise
David Rife and Raphael to do the same and retire from a.r.e., or, even
better, spend the next 20 odd years  of his life telling the world all
the positive things about Eckankar he somehow never bothered
mentioning before.

Am I right, David?

Living and Loving in Eck,



Before I reply, please make certain that your kids are safe, since
you once mentioned that you feared for your kids' safety when I was
online............. (just teasing you, my friend.... signed: Kal

Sorry to disappoint you, Nathan, but you are not right once again.

As for Doug's essays, I really enjoyed them. They were quite
interesting and he brought up some very pertinent
points--especially with regard to guru successorship.

I also like your weekly posts about me and my biases.

keep up the good work,



Steve R. Writes:

So what?  The concepts behind those words are universal.  Even Davy
Lane's beloved Charan Singh approved of Paul's writing about the Light
and Sound of God.   


Steve, Charan Singh did not approve of Twitchell's plagiarism. I
know because he wrote to me about it.

To say he "approved" of Paul's writing about the Light and Sound of
God is a bit disengaging.


wavy davey

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