Introduction to the Bhrigu Samhita Legend

Author: Finn Wandahl 
Publisher: The NEURAL SURFER
Publication date: January 1997

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(From: Sri-Bhrigu-Samhita-Mahashastram)
Edited by Finn Wandahl, Denmark

	Many thousands of years ago the Lord of the universe and God of the =
three Lokas, Lord Sri Vishnu Narayana was having a sleep on the bed of =
the Cobra. The Goddess Lakshmi was respectfully nursing his feet.
	At the very same time the Maharishi Bhrigu presented himself to the =
Vaykunth Loka at the entrance.
	Two Door-keepers was standing at the entrance to the Vaykunth Loka. =
They were named Jai and Vijay. First of all they welcomed Bhrigu Rishi, =
and after that they asked him not to enter at the moment to Lord Sri =
Vishnu, since he was sleeping.
	Not being allowed entrance to Lord Sri Vishnu Narayana the Maharishi =
Bhrigu got very angry and said to Jai and Vijay: "By stopping the =
Maharishi Bhrigu you have insulted the most great brahmin soul. Due to =
that you can get a curse, which will force you to be reborn on the Earth =
at least three times."
	When listening to this threat from Maharishi Bhrigu, Jai and Vijay both =
bended down their heads and were very silent. Now the Bhrigu Rishi could =
enter the door, without anybody stopping him anylonger.
	The Maharishi Bhrigu then entered the place where Lord Sri Vishnu =
Narayana was sleeping with Goddess Lakshmi at his feet. When Bhrigu =
Rishi saw this, he became full of anger, because he thought that Lord =
Vishnu was not really sleeping, but only pretending to sleep just to =
insult him.
	This was the time, when the Maharishi Bhrigu with his right leg kicked =
the chest of Lord Sri Vishnu. When he was hit Lord Vishnu opened his =
eyes and went up.
	Lord Vishnu was just astonished to see the Bhrigu Rishi standing there. =
So he bended down his head with folded hands, and said to Bhrigu Rishi: =
"My Lord, my chest is the strongest thing in the world, like a mountain, =
but your feet are so soft. Maybe you got hurt while kicking me. So =
please forgive me for that."
	While listening to the words of Lord Vishnu, the Bhrigu rishi got very =
calm and felt very guilty, and he asked the God please to forgive him.=20
	As all this happened, Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, got very angry, =
and she said to Maharishi Bhrigu: "By behaving this badly towards my =
husband, you have insulted me. Therefor I now give a curse, so that you =
and all your fellow Brahmins will always live in poverty begging for =
your living. I will never come to your home."
	After listening to this the Bhrigu Rishi said: "Poverty Lakshmi! =
Whatever crime I did was in anger, and I have already asked the Lord Sri =
Vishnu to forgive me. By not thinking very nicely, you have now given =
this curse to me and my fellow Brahmins. But anyway what has happened =
has happened. I will now write a Jyotish Grantha, from which the =
Brahmins can predict all about the past, present and future of every =
person in the world. They will get good knowledge as well as good =
earnings from this. They will be able to earn their livelihood. And this =
way you have got to come to their home anyhow!"
	Having said this Maharishi Bhrigu went back to his ashram, and wrote =
his book known as "Bhrigu Samhita" which contains the life-stories of =
the past, present and future of all the people in the world on the basis =
of their Janma-kundalies.
	First of all Bhrigu Rishi taught the principles of this Grantha to his =
own son and disciple Shukra. By Shukra it was little by little =
distributed to the Brahmins all over the world.=20
	On the basis of this the Brahmins have predicted about the past, =
present and future, and made a living from that. This is all the story =
about the Bhrigu Samhita.=20


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