Why I am not a "Beas" Satsangi

Author: Mr. Suto Nimm
Publisher: The NEURAL SURFER
Publication date: September 1997

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WHY I AM NOT A "Beas" Satsangi:

1. I was born blind. [see Dera's policy against initiating blind

2. I am a practicing homosexual. [read Quest for Light for what it
says about being gay]

3. I am Jewish and Julian Johnson scares me. [read With a great
Master in India]

4. I think Shiv Dayal Singh smoked more than tobacco in his infamous
huqqa [see the Biography of Soamiji Maharaj]     

5. I like to discuss Sant Mat on the Internet. [See Dera's
prohibitions against E-mail and Websites in latest newsletters]

6. "Seva" is a euphemism for "we don't want to pay you minimum
wage." [see the October newsletter from the West Coast]

7. The Founder of Radhasoami had females "suck" his toes and derive
nectar from doing so. Where's Freud when you need him? [see the
biography of Soamiji Maharaj]

8. Abortions at the Dera Charitable Hospital at Beas? [see reports
from nurses at the Dera in 1989]

9. I remember when the guru just wanted to be called "brother" not
father-dear. [New Dera instructions asking for followers to call the
guru "Master" or "Babaji"]

10. I think the guru has too many "first-class" frequent flyer miles.
[Riddle: how many times did the guru come to the USA this summer?]

11. I never liked the song, "it's a family affair."
[see the by-laws of R.S. Beas about how to appoint a "Patron"]

12. I like cheese pizza, but I can do without the leather running
shoes. [See Dera's latest memo on rennett, but not on jogging

13. I don't think the Dera has enough real estate.
[Petaluma to Hawaii to North Carolina to South Africa to ?]

14. I don't think the sevadars shove the old people hard enough
during money seva [go to the Dera during a bhandara]

15. I didn't realize that "Sant Mat" was a trademarked term.
[The Dera has assigned a lawyer to "trademark" a number of Sant Mat
terms in the USA]

16. I want to keep my "notes" from Palm Springs.
[The Dera does not allow note taking of the guru's satsangs]

17. I feel like I have had a frontal lobotomy every time I read John Davidson.
[just try reading his books on evolution or "subtle" energy]

18. I discovered that dopamine and the astral plane have a lot in
common [read Susan Blackmore and Ronald Siegel]

19. I don't want to return my copy of ORIGIN and GROWTH back to the
Dera, especially when they won't provide a comprehensive reason.

submitted by: Mr. Suto Nimm in honor of free speech -------------------------- 

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